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Polished Mobile Detailing

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Our car detailing services are top notch and not to be compared to the run of the mill “detailers’ in the area. The services we offer are not cheap, but are also not to be taken lightly. When our detailer’s show up to your home or place of business you are getting the highest possible level of mobile detailing around. We take our job’s very seriously, and our level of detail is unmatched. Ask any of our previous customers and you’ll get all the same answer, Polished Mobile Detailing is the best mobile car wash around!

We also offer more than just automobile cleanings, we offer boat detailing, trailer cleaning, motorcycle detailing, RV waxing, truck detailing, headlight restoration and commercial fleet washing. Our packages can also be found on our “Packages” page. Please feel free to contact with any questions pertaining to your vehicle.


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