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High School Guerrilla Marketing

‘We are One’ is a Guerrilla Art Project conducted at Sunnyside High school in Fresco, California,USA.

Guerrilla Marketing

The school’s photography and marketing students helped by volunteers joined their forces and surprised the whole school with a heartwarming Guerrilla Marketing Art Project.

After taking the pictures, the students printed them with lively colours to spread joy and positivity and pasted them on walls, pillars and other infrastructures with wheat paste all over the school.

Guerrilla Marketing Students

This Guerrilla Marketing campaign aimed to remember students that we are all people, we all have problems and insecurities but we are all human and you are not alone. The main messages were ‘Unity’, ‘Compassion’, ‘Diversity and ‘Humanity’.


High School Guerrilla Marketing

In those pictures, you can see students, teachers, staff members and even the principal either smiling or making funny faces. Some of them carry inclusive and important messages showing love to themselves as in ‘I am courageous’ or admitting they are not perfect but that it is ok not to be.

marketing to students

Face2Face Marketing likes seeing unique Guerrilla Marketing campaigns that have meaning and can have a positive impact on people.

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