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This new creepy clown craze is getting out of control. You have probably all heard about it by now. Newspapers have covered it, news channels have covered it, it is gaining continuous views and is a popular topic on social media networks. On Twitter, hashtags such as #IfISeeAClown and #creepyclowncraze are trending. Things have gone as far as the creation of social networking accounts for clowns and clown sightings. Social media has helped to popularise these stunts and caused them to go viral. The clown issue is currently one of the most talked about topics both online and offline.

Scary clowns are popping up all over the place, scaring poor innocent bystanders. The craze first began in the USA and was allegedly a guerrilla promotional technique for a soon to be released horror movie. However, it has since spread to the UK and Australia, both overwhelmed with the clown epidemic.

Personally, I am conflicted and I question the reasoning behind the whole clown craze and wonder if it is an original attempt to promote the horror movie ’31’. Is it a movie promotion gone wrong or a series of sadistic ‘pranks’ encouraged by social media? Or simply for the pleasure of sociopaths?

For all we know, it may indeed have began as a guerrilla marketing stunt. Nonetheless, I believe it has gone much too far and is spiralling out of control. People dressed as clowns jumping out of bushes, carrying chainsaws, chasing people and more. Something could go wrong and someone could end up getting hurt or worse.

– By Beauty Adeosun

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