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Pop-up Shop Dedicated to Periods

The Period Shop opened as a pop-up in New York this May, and it became every girl’s dream. Taking inspiration from a Tumblr user’s idea, U by Kotex created a paradise for all who know the struggle of ‘that time of the month’. The pop-up allowed members of the public to purchase period- and feminine hygiene-themed clothing, mugs and tea, eat ice cream, and even grab a snack from the chocolate wall! This quirky, fun environment also offered massages, nail art, and a DJ. Not only was the pop-up a resounding success with the customers; the proceeds were donated to ‘Susan’s Place’ a ‘NYC based transitional residence for homeless women’.

The aim of the pop-up shop is to meet your target audience in a one to one setting, and showcase your products. Therefore, the Period Shop should serve as a great example for all, as U by Kotex have generated a major brand identity through a simple and effective idea. Taking on an idea from a consumer may be unconventional, but in this case, it reinforced the brand message.

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