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The Catholic Education Foundation was experiencing stagnant participation from current members resulting in an ongoing struggle with the overall funding of operations and scholarship awards. The organisation needed to turn this trend around by improving targeting efforts to current members and prospective members who are more likely to make a donation.

The Allant Group (, a premier value technology provider of multi-sourced data aggregation and advanced data analytics came up with a solution to increase donations and brand awareness by improving their membership targeting efforts. The challenge that was in front of Allant and the CEF was they needed to:

  • Enhance current available data with elements to allow more efficient donation targeting.
  • Understand what specific characteristics of individuals were strong indicators that they were likely to contribute.
  • Access to additional B2C prospects along with insights as to which would be the best to target with donation solicitation.

“You’ve definitely taken us to the next level.  I continue to spread the word to colleagues… be prepared for some inquiries from around the country.” said Joe Lanenderfer, CEO of the Catholic Education Foundation.

Allant was able to provide a solution that increased the CEF’s fundraising revenue 22%, increased brand awareness and donors, allowed them to add a Major Gifts staff position and with a final result of 1000% return on investment.

About Allant Group                                                                                               Founded in 1984, Allant’s mission is to help enterprise and mid-market clients leverage the power of combining market-leading customer and business intelligence applications together. This combination creates powerful, innovative approaches that harness new ways to fuel models, gain more valuable insights and drive performance in an omni-channel world. For more information call Allant at 800 367 7311 or email ,

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