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Love Creative Marketing Agency is an UK based company that provides event staffing services for promotional campaigns, Product launches.

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Love Creative Marketing Agency is one of the top event staffing agencies in UK, providing highly reliable and professional services to all companies in need to promote their products in an effective and interactive way. With vast experience in field marketing campaigns and experiential marketing projects that run nationwide, Events Staffing has all the necessary resource and expertise to provide brands and agencies with complete assistance and support in reaching their promotional objectives. Promotions staff is crucial to the success of any such project; therefore Love Creative Marketing Agency makes sure that your campaign is supported by a highly experienced, well trained and knowledgeable staff that will deliver a flawless execution. If you have a new product or service that you are trying to get on the market and you need the right exposure to make it a trend, Events Staffing Agency can help you, delivering successful marketing campaigns in a wide range of fields and operational domains.

Product Sampling


Product Sampling

Furthermore, if you are an individual looking for promotional work, then Love Creative Marketing Agency can be the answer for you too. The company is always on the lookout for new staff members and whether you have experience in the field or not, Events Staffing Limited offers invaluable staff training. This can be a great opportunity or you, so be sure to work with one of the best special events staffing companies in London and throughout UK. Love Creative Marketing Agency offers an extensive array of services, from branded vehicles and space hires to obtaining permits for street sampling and leafleting, as well as logistical support. The company’s many years of experience in the field have helped Love Creative Marketing Agency acknowledge the fact that it takes all of these factors together, along with a dedicated and creative promotional staff, to obtain impressive results from an experiential marketing campaign and that is exactly what the company strives to provide to its clients. Whether you want to stay local or go national or even global, this is the event staff service to rely on, helping you raise awareness among your targeted audience with regard to your products or services.

If you want a highly impactful marketing campaign, then you ought to be working with one of the best event staffing companies and Love Creative Marketing Agency is the answer! From logistics and production to space hire, exhibitions staff and field marketing, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of expert services that also include PR stunt or guerilla marketing and roadshows. The company is, without a doubt, your one stop shop for all promotional campaign needs, from promotions staff to distribution staff and more. Find out detailed information about the range of services provided by the company by accessing its official website, where you will also be able to read more on the benefits of collaborating with Love Creative Marketing Agency and on its experience and expertise in the field. If you want people to know your company, your products or your services and you want them to remember them, then the right type of promotion is the key and Love Creative Marketing Agency will know exactly what the right type of promotion is for you!

If you are looking for a promotional staffing agency London or International speak to the experts to see how they can help.

Fearless Girl remains fearless on Wall Street

Catching up to our previous post ‘Wall Street Bull Guerrilla Marketing Stunt’ we want to share the news with you that the fearless girl will remain in it’s place until 2018. The article published by Sarah Cascone on on the 27th of March will tell you the background of the whole story and why not everybody is happy about the extended permit.

It’s official: The Fearless Girl will continue her face off with Charging Bull, the famed three-and-a-half-ton bronze bull that is an internationally recognised symbol of Wall Street, through 2018. Previously scheduled to come down on April 2, the statue’s run has been extended by Mayor Bill de Blasio as part of the Department of Transportation art program.

Perhaps surprisingly to some, not everyone is thrilled about what would appear to be an uplifting public art story.

The diminutive sculpture of a defiant-looking preteen girl was installed on March 8, International Women’s Day, with a one-week-permit and became an immediate hit on social media. “In her short time here, the Fearless Girl has fueled powerful conversations about women in leadership and inspired so many,” de Blasio told the New York Daily News. “Now, she’ll be asserting herself and affirming her strength even after her temporary permit expires—a fitting path for a girl who refuses to quit.”

At first glance, the juxtaposing of these two works sends a powerful message: a young girl, standing defiantly in the face of capitalism and the evils of corporate America.

Guerrilla Stund Fearless Girl VS Challenging Bull

That narrative gets trickier, however, upon closer examination.

In contrast to the Wall Street Bull, which was a statement of resilience following the catastrophic 1987 stock market crash installed illegally in the cover of the night, the Fearless Girl, created by artist Kristen Visbal, is a carefully calculated play—some say a publicity stunt—by financial firm State Street Global Advisors (SSGA) and advertising firm McCann New York. As Nick Pinto put it at the Village Voice: “Too Bad That Statue of a Girl Staring Down the Wall Street Bull Is a PR Stunt by Wall Street Patriarchs.”

As such, the work’s pro-women message is a bit tainted. Both companies are predominantly run by men: Hyperallergic crunched the numbers and found McCann’s leadership was only 27 percent female. (Fun fact: McCann was even recently depicted, on the final season of Mad Men, as “a bureaucracy staffed by dumb sexists.”)

SSGA was even worse at just 18 percent. The gender gap, the very thing The Fearless Girl appears to be fighting, is alive and well at the companies that brought her into being.

“Could there possibly be anything more patronising,” asked Hyperallergic’s Jillian Steinhauer, “than two massive, male-dominated capitalist companies installing a branded statue of the most conceivably non-threatening version of womankind in supposed honour of a day devoted to women’s equality that was founded by the Socialist Party?”

Beloved fearless Girl remains pleasing crowds

Di Modica, the Bull sculptor, is similarly unimpressed: “That is not a symbol! That’s an advertising trick,” he told MarketWatch. He resents how a marketing stunt has recast his bull, which he described as “a symbol for America … of prosperity and for strength,” as some kind of villain.

According to the New York Post, Di Modica has even threatened to sue SSGA for copyright infringement if the artwork is not moved. He has allegedly demanded the company remove all images from its website that feature Charging Bull with The Fearless Girl.

Such controversies aside, Fearless Girl has been an undeniable hit among tourists—though not always in the way one might have hoped. Earlier this month Inside Edition caught a man pretending to have intercourse with the statue, interrupting a group of families who had been appreciating the work.

Fearless Girl Jokes on Social Media

An onlooker described the scene: “Almost as if out of central casting, some Wall Street finance broseph appeared and started humping the statue while his gross date rape-y friends laughed and cheered him on.”

Such distasteful behavior stands only to prove the need for art to help spread feminist ideals on Wall Street—now that The Fearless Girl is sticking around, here’s hoping that she rises above the level of corporate branding and encourages big business to have real conversations about women’s equality.

To read the original article click here.

Can you be successful with an anonymous brand? How Brand Awareness Marketing Agencies can help

Imagine you have a start-up or an established company with a limited budget. You have to calculate how to save money. The corporate architecture of your business is based on the values: sustainability, honesty, or uniqueness. What cut downs cross your mind? Personnel, Quality, Marketing?

Let’s see how cutting down Marketing would play out in reality. Your product is good, you are producing in an eco-friendly way, only using natural products, nobody has ever introduced a product quite as yours to the market and you have nothing to hide from the public.

Still, the interest in your brand is low. You are missing retailers, your s
ales are at the lowest level and you are barely making profit. The pressuring question is: Why?

Step out of the office and do some market research. Show people pictures of your product or simply just tell them the brands name. Will they recognise it? Will they remember the message behind your company? Will they have heard about you?

Look around you. Do you see your brand anywhere? Stencils on the ground, billboards on the walls, advertisement in TV, posts in social media or leaflets on the street?
No? Because that’s Marketing!

Marketing Success Advertising Agency

Maybe a solution to raise Brand Awareness would have been spreading the message. Nobody knows your logo because it hasn’t been placed anywhere in public. Nobody buys your product because they simply don’t know it exists.

That’s what Brand Awareness Marketing Agencies can do for you. They will raise the Brand Awareness and highlight the aspects of your company that will divide you from the market and create customer loyalty. We call it your Unique Position Feature. Marketing takes the strengths of your business, gives them a face, dresses them up and puts them on stage.

And don’t you worry about your budget. Experienced and fresh Brand Awareness Marketing Agencies like Love Creative Marketing know the best approaches to give you cost-effective marketing solutions. A Guerrilla Marketing Campaign for example creates buzz around your brand by presenting the public something they haven’t seen before. Or bring your product to the client and create a unique customer experience by implementing an Experiential Marketing Campaign. The effect of surprise, uniqueness and creativity makes people talk about your activity and therefor your brand. Posts on social media will raise the Brand Awareness and make your message go viral so you can see the return of your investments by increasing sales and profits immediately.

Marketing is the mother that will raise your company, keeps it healthy and help it grow up. It will teach you the necessary social abilities to increase the Brand Awareness and become a star.

An Article by Celine Janson.


Katy Perry uses Guerrilla Marketing!

Guerrilla Marketing is great for promoting and raising awareness for a new company, product, service etc or in this case music. Celebrities know this and now Katy Perry has used a Guerrilla Marketing tactics to raise awareness of her new single ‘Chained to the Rhythm’

Read on below for Hoodline’s article covering the Guerrilla Marketing stunt.

In the latest chapter of San Francisco’s battle with pop stars’ guerrilla marketing, Katy Perry (or most likely, someone associated with her) left a disco ball chained to a bench in Dolores Park earlier today—without a city permit.

Perry’s newest single — “Chained to the Rhythm” — is set to drop on Friday, and chained-up disco balls popped up around the world today to give fans a sneak preview. Passerby, attracted by the shiny object, were able to plug in their earphones to have a listen.

The strategy isn’t new: both Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga have (literally) left their marks on San Francisco without the city’s permission.

But Perry’s disco inferno flamed out quickly. We went hunting for it, but found it gone—as did many heartbroken fans, who quickly concluded it had been stolen.

For more and the original article, click here.

Fearne Cotton Launching a Pop up Shop

Celebrity Fearne Cotton is opening up a pop up shop ‘Fearne on Fashion’ in 2 days. Huffingtonpost released an article covering the pop up shop about to launch.

Read on below for the article.

What is the ‘Fearne On Fashion’ pop-up shop? 

As a culmination of everything Cotton has learnt during her #FearneOnFashion series for The Huffington Post UK Style, she is holding a charity pop-up shop in central London, which will be filmed for the final episode. 

There will be clothes on sale, which have been kindly donated by designers and fashionistas featured in the series, including Matthew Williamson, House of Holland, William Vintage and Mary’s Living and Giving and of course Cotton herself.

We only have single items of each design, and the collection is limited, so the shopping experience is very much like coming to a vintage store (although some of the pieces are new and have never been worn). Please bear in mind items will not be available in every size but they will be one-off pieces so you can really get something unique.

Where is the ‘Fearne On Fashion’ pop-up shop? 

The pop-up shop will be held at River Island Style Studio, Marble Arch Park House, 473 Oxford Street, Mayfair, London W1C 2AU. See the map below for more details.

When is Cotton’s pop-up shop at River Island? 

Friday 3 March. Doors will open at 2pm and the shop will close at 4.30pmSpace is limited so please be aware it will be first come first served. 

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Experiential Marketing in the Healthcare Industry

Experiential marketing is increasingly getting popular. It’s effectiveness has been proven time and time again. Even the health industry have realised this and are taking steps to increase their use of experiential marketing. Smart Business recently released an article which covers an interview they carried out with Maggie Ellison. The interview topic was on experiential marketing in the healthcare industry. Read on below for a snippet of the article.

Health care has been and may be for some time a hard marketing nut to crack. However, large health care brands, hospitals and private practice organizations are looking to expand their reach and are turning to experiential marketing to engage with their audience face-to-face.

Smart Business spoke with Maggie Ellison, director of creative experiences at Event Marketing Strategies, about how experiential marketing fits in with health care advertising goals.

What are the traditional advertising outlets for health care entities and how effective are they?

Presently, the advertising outlets most capitalized on by health care organizations are radio, outdoor, print and digital. The effectiveness of these traditional forms of marketing, however, is dwindling. According to a 2014 study performed by Statista, global marketers selected search-optimized website marketing, events and trade shows, social media, targeting through segmentation and analytics, and television advertising as the most effective forms of marketing. Interestingly, the top four all can be integrated into an experiential marketing campaign.

How might the health care industry benefit from experiential marketing campaigns?

It is understood by marketing professionals that brands are demanding attention and time from consumers. Marketing in health care is challenging because there’s a considerable education factor. It’s not easy to cram all of the content, branding and messaging, not to mention any legalese, into a 30-second television commercial, a seven-second billboard view or a 15-second radio ad.

The health care industry often struggles to educate consumers on myriad patient issues, such as medicines and their associated benefits, insurance plan complexities, medical facility services and locations, and more. To deliver such informational content in a way that is fun, exciting and encourages consumers to take action is another hurdle.

That’s where experiential marketing can help. It provides a platform and solution that allows health care organizations to connect with consumers face-to-face and engage with them over a long period of time. These organizations can also receive instant consumer feedback that could never be obtained through traditional advertising. In addition, the exposure to the brand is more unique, memorable, and if done properly, shareable through social, maximizing reach and ROI.

What is an example of a health care entity effectively using experiential marketing?

One example is OhioHealth. A key corporate citizen to the community and sponsor of multiple health-related events and functions across the state, OhioHealth recently activated an experiential marketing campaign at a 5,000-meter race and walk that targeted moms. As part of its sponsorship benefits package, OhioHealth received a prime display space to engage with the hundreds of families attending the event. It promoted its maternity and women’s health line of service with a giant greeting card surrounded by kids’ coloring tables, two large boxes wrapped as gifts and a team of brand ambassadors to assist with activation. Moms, dads and kids were asked to write notes of encouragement to new moms and families and pin them on the inside of the giant greeting card. These handwritten messages were delivered by nurses and staff to new moms and babies in delivery rooms at OhioHealth hospitals. The sentiments shared on the cards and at the on-site activation were incredibly positive and provided strong brand awareness for OhioHealth.

Just like OhioHealth, any health-related company trying to target consumers directly could benefit from experiential marketing if the campaign is strategically created and effectively activated.

For the full and original article, please click here.

BMW’s New Experiential Marketing Campaign

BMW will be placing their BMW 7-Series at some key locations around the globe. The vehicle will not just be exhibited but will have projected images displayed on the body of the BMW 7-Series motors. This is a good way to provide an experience for the visitors.

Read on below for the article covering this campaign written by CarScoop.

The BMW 7-Series will take center stage at key locations across the globe in elaborately-staged displays in which precisely sized images are projected on the body of the flagship sedan.
Those visiting BMW Welt in Munich, the BMW Brand Stores in Paris & Brussels and the BMW Driving Center in Seoul will be able to enjoy this combination of art and technology that will set new standards for customer experience, according to the automaker.

- CarScoops
– CarScoops

In order to further demonstrate the qualities of BMW’s flagship model, the 7-Series, the German brand turned to something called “Experiential Marketing” to tell the story of the car on the car.

“Our aim is to bring visitors closer to the BMW brand through new and interactive experiences,” said Claudette Pohl, project manager for experiential marketing for international brand formats. “In this project, we have found the ideal combination of ground-breaking digital ‘luxury storytelling’ and strong aesthetic appeal. As the BMW flagship and technology platform, this innovative approach to both content and medium suits the BMW 7 Series perfectly.”

For the original and full article, click here.

Pongracz Experiential Marketing Campaign – Mobile Bubbly Bar

Pongracz decided to go down the route of experiential marketing. The alcoholic beverage company have opened a mobile bar on a trailer where people can request a drink on the road.
Biz Community covered this news, read on below for a snippet of the article.
- Biz Community
– Biz Community
Pongracz popped up at the Franschhoek Champagne and Bubbly Festival in their premium mobile bubbly bar. XZIBIT designed and produced a mobile marketing trailer complete with refrigeration, stock holding, display areas, a bar counter for sales and tastings as well as space inside for promoters and staff.
The trailer easily attaches to a vehicle and provides an opportune branding platform for the brand while on the road and in-between events. The marketing initiative also allows for a practical presence and consumer engagement in a bold and elegant way.
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