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Marvin Foster, Guerrilla Marketing Expert & Managing Director of Love Creative Marketing Agency UK & USA, was interviewed on Guerrilla Marketing and how it can help businesses.

Guerrilla marketing is an unconventional marketing strategy that relies on creativity and originality to promote a brand, product, or service. This type of marketing typically involves more direct and interactive methods of reaching potential customers. Some examples of guerrilla marketing tactics might include flash mobs, public stunts, reverse graffiti or viral social media campaigns. The goal of guerrilla marketing is to create a memorable and engaging experience that will make people want to learn more about the brand or product being promoted. Marvin Foster, MD of Love Creative Marketing UK & USA, explains how this type of marketing works and its benefits, as well as the limitations.

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How does guerrilla marketing prove effective for businesses that are working with smaller/reduced marketing budgets?

Guerrilla marketing is effective for all kinds of brands from small to large. Many larger brands work with smaller budgets to activate these below the line campaigns. The good thing about using a guerrilla marketing strategy, is that it’s just as effective or better than using traditional media. “The main reason guerrilla marketing can prove effective is that you can interact with target audiences and create more buzz,” explains Foster. “Face-to-face guerrilla marketing and brand experiences will generate more conversion, social media awareness and word of mouth. This in turn will lead to increased sales and qualified leads. You just need to make the follow-up connection.”

Street Marketing for Album Launch

What sort of potential can guerrilla marketing open a business up to? And are there any limitations?

Guerrilla marketing creates conversations, engages with existing audiences, and generates new customers. You can run a guerrilla marketing campaign and stimulate one or all the senses. This means all the brand will need to do is make the follow up connection and stay on top of it as the marketing campaign has open the door to likely qualified buyers.

As we know, a good experience goes a long way and is remembered for a lifetime,” says Marvin Foster, MD of Love Creative Marketing UK & USA, which has recently overseen campaigns for the likes of SpaceNK and The Gym Group. “Audiences are always looking for exciting new approaches. The bigger the campaign, the better the results.”

Exhibition hostess
Event Staffing – Guerrilla Marketing Campaign

In your opinion, which types of business and audience can guerrilla marketing work best for? 

Guerrilla marketing can work for all business and services. For Marvin, “there are no limitations.” Love Creative Marketing have implemented guerrilla marketing campaigns for major blue-chip brands from banks to start ups in the UK and USA. Audiences are very broad as many have different buying behaviours, so they will need to be engaged at different touch points. Guerrilla marketing can plant the seed in a target audiences mind at any of these times. If someone is thinking about buying a Tesla, purchasing a house, or going to the local store to purchase a small snack, guerrilla marketing does the job. However, Foster also adds  “whether you want to reach a certain number of app downloads, plan to measure the usage of a discount code, or want to see if you can get your campaign to go viral, realistic goals are important.”

Street Marketing
Unconventional Marketing

How does a business measure the success of a guerrilla marketing campaign?

Every campaign has its own measurement tools. “For example: A generic product sampling campaign in London or New York. If we hand out free product samples with leaflets. These leaflets have a special coupon offer or QR code. The redeem rate is one way of measuring success. The other way could be, if we project an image/video onto a building and PR teams and audiences who walk by capture the content and it goes viral. That’s 100.000’s of thousands, or millions who was not there who now has seen the advert/promotion.” Every campaign will need to have a different measurement attached to it. The Guerrilla marketing agency would be able to advise on the best ways to approach this. 

Promo Staff Working
Promotional Staff – Brand Ambassadors

What guerrilla marketing campaigns has Love Creative Marketing worked on recently?

One of our latest guerrilla marketing campaigns was for The Gym Group where we placed reverse graffiti stencils across the UK to encourage sign ups in Q1.

Reverse Graffiti Advertising

The campaign went well, and our social media amplification (on our sister agency platform  generated 1.5 million views on TikTok.

Offline Guerrilla Marketing converted online generating thousands more opportunities to see

The next Campaign we implemented was in the month of April. This guerrilla marketing campaign was executed in Scotland, Bristol, Manchester, and Edinburgh was for SpaceNK with wild posters and reverse graffiti stencils.

Wild Poster Advertising
Street Poster Advertising

What factors should a business consider before embarking on a guerrilla marketing campaign?

Factors to consider when planning a guerrilla marketing campaign will be to use an agency with experience on the field.  Search Google for a guerrilla marketing agency or expert. “Where you could pay tens of thousands for an advertising space at a shopping centre, going out on the streets for a guerrilla marketing campaign can cost a third of that amount,” says Foster. “But you’ll still need to know where and what you can do within limits, meaning that it makes sense to hire an agency to work with you in the planning stages.”  If you think this approach could fit with your goals, there’s value in calling in the experts to help achieve your desired outcome, with core details such as location requiring careful planning. 

To discuss your guerrilla marketing campaign, contact us here or call us on 0207 607 2568.

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