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Onsite working has changed drastically over the past few years, since COVID. Many businesses are still finding their feet on the new ‘norm’. Those companies who still want to deliver valuable and flexible co-working office space to their staff are struggling.

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Thats why Love Creative Marketing was tasked to help promote Mindspace – an international, well established, modern office space provider . Using a mix of guerrilla and grassroots marketing techniques to create strategic and innovative brand engagement.

Street Marketing Activations

Brand Activation Agency Tactics London
Street Marketing Agency London UK

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Guerrilla-style – we deployed a coffee cart to distribute free hot drinks. The cart was fully wrapped in Mindspace branding alongside branded cups. Mindspace scratch cards which offered the chance to win day passes and other opportunities at their swanky new offices. Our Brand Ambassador was enlisted to engage with the public to introduce them to the benefits of Mindspace. By encouraging them to talk with a company representative and take away a free hot drink and scratch card we were able to give away hundreds of free hot drinks and Mindspace could promote directly with their target audience.

The target audience was very specific. Local businesses who may be in the market to look at alternative, affordable and exciting office space. After research on the local area’s current office availability status, a location was carefully selected to ensure the event targeted likely new customers. This enabled the budget to be used to its full potential as it was precise and focused.

Call to Action

In conclusion, Minespace and Love Creative Marketing’s campaign was a resounding success. After an early start, greeting the morning commuters – all the way through until after the lunch time rush. Our team ensured that Mindspace cups and scratch cards were on the desks of offices across Shoreditch. Mindspace’s name was firmly at the forefront when local businesses look at their office options.

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