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Performance Marketing Insights

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Look no further than PMI: London for a full insight into the most cost-effective ways of getting results via performance marketing.

Gain expert knowledge from industry leaders on ROI-driven disciplines including affiliate marketing, display advertising, programmatic, paid search and paid social for a complete rundown of what it means to embrace performance marketing today.

Gather with your peers to learn of the mechanics behind modern day performance marketing whilst taking advantage of breakfast briefings, networking drink and our after-party to strike up new business conversations and reconnect with existing partners.

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The art of Storytelling through Experiential Marketing

Brand Equity recently released an article on the importance of story telling in experiential, read on below for a snippet of the article.

Can you still recall the bedtime stories that you were told in childhood? Or the incident behind the scar on your arm? We, as a species, thrive on stories. At the slightest hint of an opportunity, we greedily consume them and share them. From a murder ‘story’ that gets reported in the papers to the WhatsApp chat with your friend who shares succulent details of her date last night, we consume stories day and night. Even our dreams aren’t spared.
They are, after all, vessels of ideas, emotions and values that help everyone connect.

Marketing, too, is an art of narrating stories of a brand so that the consumer buys your version of reality. The mass marketing strategy has reigned supreme time and again, thanks to the endless campaigns we have heard and seen in print, radio and television. Alas, all have been one-sided and enthral an audience that you cannot see or hear back from. All you get is the sales figures that some call response.

The challenge currently is that you need to narrate a story where the consumer becomes the narrator, is the protagonist and can be the commentator. This way he needs to be a part-owner of this story (thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat).

This is where brands like Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Samsung, Uber, Redbull, Adidas, and Go Pro enter and comprise the leading pack in the world of marketing.
Who can forget the Coca-Cola Small World Machines? The path-breaking idea of letting people of two different countries — such as India and Pakistan — bond with each other had social media abuzz. The idea was simple — to let people touch hands and trace a peace or love symbol together and the coke vending machine would pop out a can. This translated into an experience of a lifetime. The campaign was clever — use the best of technology (real-time 3D projection) but base it on a shared belief or value, like in this case, it is to spread friendship and love.

The Atlanta-headquartered marketing agency SuperGroup cut through the noise by telling the consumer that the brand shares his/her values. That’s what experiential or engagement marketing is all about. Through this strategy, the marketer is not only able to penetrate the online world of the consumer through his offline experiences, but create real equity and gain true virality of content.

This is why the marketing world has shifted from gauging their efforts in Return on Objective (RoO) than the conventional Return on Investment (RoI). As marketers, everything we strive to create may not be tangible or translatable in sales figures. The objectives that drive us are to build brand awareness, establish expertise, or to simply, get leads. Through experiential marketing, we can measure the extent to which we have achieved our objective and not a target revenue figure.

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StubHub’s Live Campaign

This time last week, StubHub had an experiential marketing activation during the Super Bowl show and before that at the BroadwayCon in New York. At the BroadwayCon event, StubHub had makeup stations installed and organised recreations of the shows rehearsals. This is part of their new branding strategy to increase experiential marketing.


Above is a snapshot of an article written on StubHub’s plan to increase their experiential marketing efforts. Read on below for the snippet.

The brand’s StubHub Live campaign, which launched in January, features activations at live music festivals and sporting events. It kicked off with an experience at BroadwayCon in New York, followed by activations at the Super Bowl and a music stage at the upcoming South by Southwest in March.

Nearly 6,000 people attended StubHub’s Houston Huddle at Super Bowl LI. It included a mechanical bull and a live broadcast with NFL players and comedian Keegan-Michael Key.

StubHub Live’s BroadwayCon experience featured makeup stations and recreations of Broadway show rehearsals. The StubHub Live: Soundstage @SXSW activation will feature performances by 27 artists over three days.

“The idea is: It isn’t about the ticket; it’s about the live moment itself,” Betka said. “We wanted to widen the range of the audience that engages with us. It’s an important differentiator in helping us engage with existing customers and acquire new ones.”

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EasyJet teams up with French Tourism Development Agency

Travel Weekly just recently announced via an article about EasyJet’s new partnership with the French Tourism Development Agency. Easy Jet recognises the power of experiential marketing and some form of it will be used during their promotional campaign.

Read on below for the article released by Travel Weekly.

EasyJet is to promote tourism to France from the rest of Europe with an “inspirational” promotional push.

A three-year partnership with Atout France, the French Tourism Development Agency, will start in the UK.

The campaign will focus on promoting Paris and the Cote d’Azur, including Nice and the surrounding region, in the UK.

Both the Franch capital and Nice were the targets of deadly terrorist attacks in November 2015 and July last year respectively.

The multi-media advertising and experiential marketing campaign will have a spend of around €1 million and kicks off in March.

Activity will include outdoor advertising as well as digital advertising, social media support and an experiential event for members of the public.

The UK-based budget carrier is the second largest airline in France, with almost 17 million passengers in total, of which more than one million fly between the UK and Paris every year.

The airline is also the largest airline at Nice airport, carrying more than three million passengers a year to and from the region with more than 220 flights a week.

EasyJet is also working with VisitBritain to promote the UK to consumers in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal through a multi-media advertising and marketing campaign.

The airline’s digital and marketing director, James Millett, said: “France is such an important market and remains popular with our UK customers.

“This inspirational campaign will seek to show everything France has to offer from a city break in Paris to a holiday in the French Riviera.”

Gwenaelle Maret-Delos, managing director for Atout France in the UK, added: “Atout France is delighted to partner with easyJet for this campaign and together continue to welcome more than 10 million British tourists to France.”

How Branding Took Trump to the Presidential Office

Syed Saajid Ibrahim from Daily Star recently wrote an article which highlights effectiveness of branding and raising brand awareness. The very popular and ‘infamous’ Donald Trump is a perfect example of effective branding.

Read on below for the article.

Like it or not, Donald J. Trump is on his way to becoming the 45th President of USA. Many people are wondering how a political outsider has beaten all the odds to clinch such an unlikely victory. I am not a political analyst and hence that’s not much of my concern. However, as a marketer, I can’t help but notice how the entire Trump campaign has been an absolute triumph of branding and marketing. He literally took the concept of “American Dream”, re-packaged it, and sold it successfully to the American people. In the process, he has showed some traits which every marketer should adopt to build a triumphant brand.


First and foremost, for the purpose of branding, you have to identify the right target market. Almost of all Mr. Trump’s efforts were concentrated on white male Americans. This is the largest demographic segment in USA as well as the segment most likely to accept the notions proposed by him. The result is quite evident through the image: Secretary Clinton got significantly more votes than Mr. Trump among all demographics except white men. This shows how choosing the right target market leads to desirable results for brands.


Once the right target market has been identified, the next challenge is to be relatable to that segment. This can be done through multiple ways: talking in the same accent/dialect of the target market, emulating their values, and so on. Mr. Trump’s rhetoric in the campaign trail has all throughout been atypical of an everyday American citizen. From his vocabulary to his tone, everything was quite easily relatable to this segment. Similarly, if a brand talks in the language of its target market and/or the brand ambassadors dress up like the target market, it’s more likely that the consumers will identify themselves with the brand. A good example of that in Bangladesh has been airtel, which designed all of its communication revolving around the youth.


While it might create some controversy here and there, being bold has always been a highly profitable approach by brands. I believe everyone remembers Mr. Trump’s many bold statements about building a literal wall on the border or imposing term limits

on Congress members or bombing ISIS to smithereens. However, it is important to remember that there exists a fine line between boldness and being offensive. While Mr. Trump did get away with some of his borderline-offensive remarks, brands might not. And ideal example of bold communication by brands is Durex, which never hesitates to communicate its unique selling proposition in a controversial yet viral manner.


In today’s world of hundreds of me-too products, standing out from the crowd is more important than ever before. Mr. Trump’s biggest success factor was that he presented himself to the voters as someone who is absolutely opposite of typical politicians. He used his weakness of lack of experience in politics as a weapon of not being corrupt by it. A lot of people did not favour him for this stance, but then  a major portion of American voters welcomed this apparent change. Brands that can successfully establish the novelty characteristics in their offerings have achieved similar astounding success. For example, Domino’s Pizza had disrupted the whole food delivery business by its “30 minutes or free” service guarantee. Competitors later copied this promise, but Domino’s reaped the benefits of being the pioneer of bringing this change to the scene.

- Make America Great Again
– Make America Great Again


Today’s buzzword in marketing is experience. The only way to do successful experiential marketing is by invoking the right emotions. Mr. Trump took advantage of the already-existing frustration among Americans about losing jobs due to outsourcing, failed war efforts in Iraq and Syria, the perceived plethora of corruption in Washington, etc. Mr. Trump fuelled this frustration and positioned himself as the right person to solve these problems. This emotional attachment has helped him greatly in winning the war.

One point to remember is that just like Mr. Trump did a lot things right in terms of marketing, he crossed the line of basic human decency multiple times. Learning from his marketing techniques can prove useful, but his overall behaviour shouldn’t be emulated by any means. While he might’ve gotten away with this due to a number of other factors, a brand will hardly survive with the same behaviour.

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Pop-up shop for Mifflin County Historical Society

Lewiston will be opening up a pop up shop on behalf of the Mifflin County Historical Society for 4 days this month.

The Sentinel posted an article which gives more insight into the ‘to be-opened’ pop up shop. Read on below for a snippet of the article.

LEWISTOWN — The Juniata River Valley Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau will host a retail “pop-up shop” for the Mifflin County Historical Society from Dec. 21 to 24.

Last minute gift shoppers can “pop” into the Historic Courthouse to find a variety of books and items with local significance, including two new titles, “Tombstone Tales,”by Forest Fisher, and “Dear Mary,” by Daniel McClenahen.

Other popular items, including 2017 calendars, both volumes of “Mifflin County Then and Now,” the Kish Park hardback book, postcards and more will also be on sale, with all proceeds going to the historical society.

Additional stocking stuffer ideas (with purchase prices benefiting local causes) include Goose Day Community Yarn Bombing items and Jim Tunall memorial bracelets.

Nonperishable food donations for Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard will also be accepted at this location.

The pop-up shop will be open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Dec. 21 to 23, and from 9 a.m. to noon on Dec. 24, in the lobby of the Historic Courthouse.

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e-Bay Christmas Pop Up Shop

CNBC recently released an article covering e-Bay’s new pop up shop which launched last week. This will be e-Bay’s first ’emotion-powered’ pop up shop, it is a marketing strategy for the Christmas holidays.

Read on below for a snippet of CNBC’s article.

Ebay is using “emotional recognition technology” to help shoppers decide what gifts they most want for Christmas.

The online private auction site opened a pop-up store in London on Tuesday where shoppers can enter a booth containing a screen, headphones and a camera, and browse items to find out which ones they “emotionally connect with”. Sensors then analyze the person’s reaction to the products they see, with the aim of providing suggestions for what people really want to give – or receive – over the Holiday season.

The technology goes further than simply recognizing the expression on someone’s face, eBay claims. “Muscular micro-shifts from visitors will be captured and correlated with complex emotional and cognitive states recognized by the innovative software engine,” it said in a release.

- Mogaznews
– Mogaznews

While this may sound other-worldly, the online retailer says it wants gift-buying to be emotional, rather than simply transactional. Its research shows that people become fed up with Christmas shopping after just 32 minutes.

Shoppers visiting the pop-up can browse 12 items from a variety of retailers and receive a report telling them which ones stir their feelings the most. Ebay is also donating money from some items sold on its website to a variety of charities.


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Folio’s Trade Show 2016

Exhibitor Online released an article which briefly summarises and explains Folio’s trade show and conference which took place from the 31st October to 2nd November.

Read on below for Exhibitor Online’s article.

Folio: and parent company Access Intelligence announced the successful conclusion of the 2016 Folio: Show, October 31 to November 2 at the Hilton Midtown Hotel in New York City.

A record high of 700 publishing, advertising, and marketing professionals from across the globe visited magazine media’s most comprehensive industry trade show and conference, enjoying 50-plus sessions spanning six tracks, four keynote sessions, two co-located summits, and an exhibit hall featuring over 40 industry suppliers.

“The 2016 Folio: Show was a three-day celebration of the creativity, dynamism, and resilience of magazine media,” said Folio: VP Tony Silber. “We had three strikingly different and equally provocative keynotes, and a rich conference program with an all-star faculty from all sectors of the industry. Our co-located C-Summit was a huge success, as well.”

In line with Folio:’s mission of providing all segments of the publishing industry with cutting-edge insights and best practices, new additions to the Folio: Show program this year included entire conference tracks dedicated to content marketing and events – two of the fastest growing revenue sources for publishers – as well as keynotes delivered by HTC’s Dan O’Brien, author Douglas Rushkoff, and a panel consisting of Wasserstein & Co. co-managing partner Anup Bagaria, Good Housekeeping editor-in-chief Jane Francisco, IDG CEO Michael Friedenberg, and Damali Campbell, Print Investment Director at Media Assembly.

The Folio: C-Summit, running concurrently with the conference program, had more than 50 participants in an exclusive, invite-only format, attracting executives from across the B2B and B2C segments of the industry, including keynoter David Carey, president of Hearst Magazines, and moderator Peter Goldstone, CEO of Hanley Wood.

Folio:’s cornerstone awards program, the Eddie & Ozzie Awards, returned to the Folio: Show to honor over 250 examples of outstanding design, uncompromising journalism, and fearless innovation. Also honored were the Folio: 100, a selection of the industry’s top achievers in 2016, as well as the 30 Under 30, representing the next wave of industry talent.

“We are thrilled and honored to play a critical role for magazine media with the largest and most inclusive conference in the industry—the one show every year that is truly a ‘must attend’ event, where magazine media professionals converge to rethink, renew, and refresh,” added Silber.

Next year’s Folio: Show, scheduled for October 9-11, 2017, will return to the Hilton Midtown Hotel. For more information, visit

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Online Furniture Store to Open a Pop Up Shop in Shoreditch

JK Pike, an online furniture store will be launching a pop up shop in Shoreditch.

Read on down below for Cabinet Maker’s mini post about the new  pop up shop.

London-based online furniture and home accessories retailer JK Pike has announced it plans to open a pop-up shop in Shoreditch next week.
Officially launching on 28 November 2016, the new pop-up store will be located on Charlotte Road and will showcase its rustic and industrial styled home furnishings all sourced from UK companies.

The pop-up will also include newly acquired items from new designers as well as limited edition pieces.

Founded by Ben Pike and Jennifer Pike, the pop-up shop will run until 18 December 2016.

Commenting on the launch, co-founder Ben said that the store location was inspired ‘by the industrial history of East London and the skilled people who are making products based on that history and in some cases even reclaiming its materials’.

Click here for the post webpage. Want more information about the soon to come pop up shop? Click here to visit jk pike’s site.