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Brand activation specialist, Love Creative Marketing’s UK division designed and launched a giant hourglass that toured Central London’s iconic locations in a dynamic guerrilla marketing campaign. This campaign covered some of the city’s most popular spots, including Bank Station, Liverpool Street Station, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square, Victoria Embankment, Kings Cross Station, and Camden Market.

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Female Invest, a major women’s collaborative, teamed up with Butter Agency (Denmark) & Love Creative Marketing to create a unique, bespoke build. Through the dedicated production process and expert project management of Butter Agency & Love Creative Marketing, Female Invest aimed to spread a powerful message and raise visible awareness. The campaign caught the attention of the popular news forum, City AM.

Guerrilla Marketing Brand Activation Campaign – Central London

Within six weeks, we completed and launched the final build, making necessary adjustments along the way. The agencies successfully amplified Female Invest’s message, showcasing their commitment and hard work since 2019.

Production of the set build

Event security was managed by Personal Bodyguard 247, who ensured safety across all locations during the three-day activation.

SIA Security Guards

Our guerrilla marketing campaign generated significant buzz throughout its duration. Guerrilla marketing remains a popular, cost-effective method for creating brand awareness and exposure beyond typical digital advertisements. The campaign encouraged interaction and social media engagement, with each location hosting the hourglass for four hours.

Street Marketing Brand Activations

Street marketing continues to be a popular and cost-effective method for creating brand awareness and generating exposure that surpasses typical digital advertisements. As part of the campaign, a live stream was conducted on the day, attracting thousands of female investors to the site to sign up.

In just four years, Female Invest has grown from a passion project to a global movement of over 66,000 women across 125 countries. Despite this growth, it is projected to take 169 years to close the financial gender gap. The campaign’s success was highlighted by its feature in City AM News. For Guerrilla marketing activations and set builds. Contact Love Creative Marketing Here UK USA

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