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One of UK’s leading gym’s approached Guerrilla Marketing Agency, Love Creative Marketing to execute a reverse graffiti activation project.

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Reverse graffiti advertising is the use of stencils and a high-power jet washer to leave a brand message on a platform. It’s an effective and at the same time an eco-friendly way for brands to get their message across to target audiences. The reverse graffiti adverts can last around 30 days, and in some platforms they may even last longer before they fade away.

People looking at pavement adverts
Pavement Advertising

Reverse Graffiti Ads

Reverse graffiti allows constant brand awareness and increased brand recognition. Love Creative Marketing placed in total 310 clean ads across the UK for the activation. Reverse graffiti was done for each targeted area chosen by the the client including London, Edinburgh, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, Liverpool, Nottingham, Southampton, Brighton, and Glasgow.

In each of these cities reverse graffiti ads were strategically placed in areas with the highest footfall to achieve maximum exposure. People who saw these ads were taking pictures of them, as the concept of reverse graffiti advertising was a new way of connecting with a brand they love. Therefore, it was attracting their curiosity and they were happy to stop and pay closer attention to them, resulting in higher customer engagement.

Reverse Graffiti
Reverse Graffiti

Offline Marketing taken online to extend the campaign Reach

While the brand activation was being completed, pictures and videos were being taken by one of our digital marketing members at every location. The process of making the stencil was recorded through videos and photos for it then to be posted on to TikTok, where it currently stands at 1.2 million views. Viewers were eager to learn about how reverse graffiti works and to know what the results of the process were; therefore, Reverse Graffiti Advertising Agency, a part of Love Creative Marketing, made another video to educate them on it and illustrate our results.

Offline Advertising Converted Online
Offline Advertising extending Campaign Reach
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