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Allant’s client is a regional office for the nation’s leading provider of cable services offering a variety of entertainment, information and communication services to residential and commercial customers. The client’s cable systems provide video, high-speed internet and phone services.  One of the most successful marketing tactics for this client is to identify physical addresses close to service availability and contact them directly through direct mail and direct sales contacts.

– Identify “missing” or “unknown” addresses in one of the region’s most data challenged cities
– Identify duplicates and invalid addresses within the client’s file
– Improves marketing campaign effectiveness for target channels

Strengthen the quality of identifiable addresses and directly impact the bottom line
– Process the client’s file to obtain address standardisation and identify duplicate records (discovered over 20,500 duplicates and over 81,000 undeliverable or potentially undeliverable records)
– Utilise saturation data to discover missing/dark addresses (identified almost 19,000 additional addresses)

– Duplicates discovered 11,978 Addresses (3.2% Improvement)
– Undeliverable identified 81,109 Addresses (21.4% Improvement)
– New Uncaptured 18,986 Dark Addresses (5% Improvement)
– Total Improvement 112,073 Record (29.6% Improvement)

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