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Unsure of what guerrilla marketing is? Confused about what this type of marketing campaign entails? Don’t worry, Tommy Olsen to the rescue! He is the blog owner of ‘Marketing with Tommy’, to read his explanation of guerrilla marketing, read on.

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What is Guerrilla marketing?
Guerrilla marketing is a marketing strategy that online marketers with a very limited budget are using to make sales for what ever they are promoting. Guerrilla marketing are often used by small businesses.
Guerrilla marketing came to the surface back in the year 1984 through Houghton Mifflins book “Guerrilla marketing”. Nowadays there are plenty books out there about Guerrilla marketing a sit is a quite popular phenomenon.

Guerrilla marketing is about getting your product or service or business in front of as many possible buyers as you can, and then in a unconventional way. Compared to regular online marketing, guerrilla marketing is about making a personal contact with people. They meet up with people in real life , so to say.

Sometimes corporations with a large budget claims to use Guerrilla marketing, but that is not really guerrilla marketing, as guerrilla marketing involves marketers with a very limited budget. But bigger corporations has of course realised how profitable guerrilla marketing can be, if it is applied the correct way. Within Guerrilla marketing there are different unconventional strategies that can be used to making the sale, if will point those Guerrilla marketing strategies out now for you.

Ambient marketing
Advertising such as posters placed in unexpected locations to grab peoples attention. The promotions that are used are very unique and in most cases involves a way of advertising that has never been used before. however  never put up any promotions without the real estate owners permission, that will just damage your reputation as a marketer and could also damage the brand that you are promoting. So avoid such marketing approaches at all cost.

Ambush marketing
This means that the marketer is taking advantage of for instance a big public popular event and connects their product to that event. Larger corporations like Nike have in the past used this marketing strategy.

Stealth marketing
This ,means that you secretly are promoting a product without the user of the product actually realising it. You so the say are “flying under the radar”.

Viral marketing
Viral marketing means that you are creating a buzz through social media about your product,so that the message about it spreads widely quickly.

Street marketing
Includes marketing products in public places. It can involve handing out flyers for instance

Final words
As in regular online marketing the key is in the follow up, so to make more sales the guerrilla marketers need to apply this “rule” as well, that is when its possible to follow up with the prospects. Usually a guerrilla marketer is quite aggressive with the follow up in order to make more sales. In many cases the Guerrilla marketers are focusing the most on existing customers. A guerrilla marketer is always keeping their eyes open for new profitable products so that they can increase their level of earnings.

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