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Barry Lytton covered Tiny Bridgewater’s efforts to attract parents to bring in new students to their school through their guerrilla marketing campaign.

“In the face of shrinking enrolment that threatens the existence of Bridgewater’s public elementary school, teachers and parents have turned to “guerrilla marketing.”  The aim of the marketing campaign is to persuade families currently attending the bigger schools in the neighbourhood to instead move their children to Burnham School and pay tuition fees.

The Burnham School, which has only 47 children enrolled, now has a Parent Teacher Organisation trying anything to boost enrolment before school officials merge more classes or close the school altogether.

The group has sent targeted mailers to families in growing school districts, and advertised using slogans touting the town’s rural charm, including, “We got cows … We need kids.” It even created a mascot, “Burnie,” to help sell families on the idea of either moving to Bridgewater or paying tuition to Burnham like they would at a private school.

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