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Looks like there is current drama in Melbourn. Read a snippet of the article posted on Bandt below, to find out why and what exactly is going on.

“Sydney-siders … Play till it’s my bed-time, not Mike Baird time;” that’s the slogan that greeted Sydney residents this week in a grass roots, guerrilla style marketing campaign by Melbourne’s Chapel Street Precinct, which is aiming to divert money from Sydney’s businesses struggling under the lockout laws.

mike-baird-chapel-st-poster-768x1086Source: Bandt

Featuring hudigital advertising truck, the daring campaign depicts a life-like cartoon of ndreds of posters blanketed throughout Sydney’s hardest hit suburbs as well as a mobile NSW Pr
emier, Mike Baird, resplendent in dirty Y-front briefs, daggy socks and carrying a 1920s candle.

This marketing move is designed to poke fun at Sydney’s lockout and drinking laws, and recommend Melbourne’s Chapel Street as a more playful alternative.

For the full, original article, click here.

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