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Horizon Display have published a new picture book which covers 13 experiential marketing campaigns that have been a success.

Marketwired recently released a post which goes more into depth about the new book. Read on for more.

Horizon Display, an industry leader of interactive touchscreen technology, announced today it is publishing a guide highlighting some of the best and most memorable experiential marketing campaigns of the past few years. The picture book, 13 Jaw-Dropping Experiential Marketing Campaigns, is available for free download at http://info.horizondisplay.com/13-jaw-dropping-experiential-marketing-campaigns.

In the not-too-distant past, a successful advertising campaign could consist solely of a catchy slogan, a commercial with a hot celebrity run during prime time, or a product placement in a summer blockbuster film. However, times have changed, and people don’t interact with advertising and products the ways they used to. To capture consumers’ attention, marketers must give them an experience to remember, which has consequently led to the rise of experiential marketing. Horizon Display’s new picture book highlights 13 experiential marketing campaigns that stand out in today’s consumer atmosphere. Some of the included campaigns are from brand names such as Target and Burger King; others are from smaller companies.

“Experiential advertising plays with consumer expectations and offers the kind of surprises that consumers could never have imagined in earlier eras of advertising,” says Matthew Cutone, Founder and President/CEO of Horizon Display. “Besides driving brand awareness, it offers the potential to drive ROI in more direct ways. The 13 experiential campaigns we featured in our picture book vary by goals and scope, but they all have one thing in common: They created an impact that resonated with consumers.”

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