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ILEA UK Chapter continues its monthly ‘inspiration’ events as Huckletree Shoreditch plays host to a session on Unleashing Your Creativity. 
Leading the discussions will be Chris Barez-Brown, creator of Upping Your Elvis, who will be talking about his approach to creativity.
Following Barez-Brown’s presentation, a panel including digital designer and producer Sanj Surati, creative events producer Keda Breeze, experiential marketing specialist Melissa Noakes, events director for Boulevard Events Mark Maher and creative director Radim Malinic will take part in a question and answer session.  Event creative Robert Dunsmore will lead the session with questions from the ILEA community available before, during and after the event in East London on Tuesday 22 November. 
“So, to recap, we’ve done storytelling, we’ve done immersion and now we’re returning to home ground with a session just on creativity and creative process,” said Alistair Turner, president of ILEA UK Chapter. “The last few events have been stunning and we’re creating some real talking points ahead of, during and after our events. We’re looking to seeing our members and their guests follow the conversation tomorrow.”
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