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Course Overview

This is a course and qualification that takes the form of an online distance-learning programme with a series of questions, a set brief and two field exercises being completed over a six-month period. Candidates will study in the office or at home, but at their own pace, using the study tools and resources provided.

The course is intended to deliver a good broad understanding of the Experiential Marketing industry and its best practice workings so that each individual’s contribution to it is seen in context. A particular aim of the course is to give candidates a clear perspective of the theory and workings of the industry whatever their particular role in the process.

Course Content

  • Module 1 – EM and its place in the marketing mix
  • Module 2 – Campaign Planning
  • Module 3 – Implementation
  • Module 4 – Due Diligence & Best Practice
  • Module 5 – Promotions
  • Module 6 – Campaign Measurement

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Diploma in Experiential Marketing with Event Management & Online PR Modules via Online Distance Learning

Course Overview

Experiential marketing is one of the most exciting Marketing areas. It’s a way to engage consumers with a product, allowing them to “experience” it, utilizing as many senses as possible. Created and Perfected by Successful Industry Professionals, this Fast-Paced Experiential Marketing Course Provides The Transferrable Skills, Knowledge And Technical Insights needed to create outstanding Experiential Marketing campaigns, that can make the difference in an increasingly competitive online market.

Course Content

  • Event Management Planning
  • Co­ordinating Events
  • Event Planning Documentation
  • The Experience as the Brand
  • Experiential Marketing Frameworks
  • Experiential Marketing Campaigns
  • Developing Experiential Marketing Campaigns
  • Measuring Campaign Effectiveness
  • Reaching the Target Audience
  • Prosumer and Co-creation
  • The Consumer Experience
  • Marketing Event Principles
  • Marketing the Event
  • Event Sponsorship
  • Public Relations

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5 online business building programs for the price of one. 

The five programs are as follows:

  • 12 Sessions of Low Cost- High Impact Guerrilla Marketing Training

Course Outline

  • Module One – Building a Strong Foundation
  • Module Two – Launching your Guerrilla Marketing Attack
  • Module Three – Maintaining and Improving Your Attack
  • 10 Sessions of Social Media Video Training

Course Outline

  • Social Media Mastery
  • Social Media Mastery 2
  • The 12 Most Common Roadblocks To Success and What You Can Do About Them
  • 15 Online Marketing Superstars Downloadable Audios
  • Work Less and Make More – How To Automate Your Online Business 5 Parts Video Training

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Course Description

An interactive workshop exploring guerrilla marketing ideas and non-traditional marketing. From ancient Greece to the world’s most successful small car launch, you will explore guerrilla and non-traditional marketing as its evolved throughout the ages.

You will discover the tricks and creative techniques to develop effective guerrilla marketing ideas.

The final lectures will give you the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned and flex your creative muscles in answer to two fun, challenging briefs.

Finally, submitted student work will be subject to a kind but fair critique which will help you sharpen your skills and abilities to sell creative thinking.


Section 1: Introduction

  • Lecture 1 – Introduction Preview
  • Lecture 2 – Guerrilla Marketing Through the Ages – a quick romp through history
  • Lecture 3 – Case Studies Preview
  • Lecture 4 – Ingredients of a Guerrilla Marketing Idea
  • Lecture 5 – Exploring The Creative Process
  • Lecture 6 – Briefing 1: The Blank Sheet
  • Lecture 7 – Briefing 2: Launching Your Fictional Product
  • Lecture 8 – Extra: When it doesn’t go to plan…

Section 2: The GMS Rough Guide to Brainstorming

  • Lecture 9 – 9 Steps for Successful Brainstorming PDF download
  • Lecture 10 – Onsite Workshop Overview PDF

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