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According to Bel Booker, there are 10 ways in which you can increase your brand awareness. Here are 5 of the 10 he came up with:

  1. Hold an event

Holding an event is a good method to adapt no matter which industry or type of business you are. Doing this will be a ‘great way to get the attention of clients and prospects. This could be a purely social summer barbecue or Christmas party, or structured around business development such as the launch of a new product or promotion.’

Conducting an event is a form of face to face marketing. It will provide you with the opportunity to have a face to face moment with present and potential customers, including clients. The event will allow participants to experience your organisation, products, brand etc.

  1. Exhibit yourself

This can prove to be an ‘effective way to showcase your brand to hundreds of people in your target market.’ Unfortunately, this method can be quite expensive, therefore careful planning will need to be carried out.

It’s not always a case of ‘build it and they will come’, you need to go further to attract people to your stand – ‘and keep them there long enough to discover your brand and absorb your message.’

A way in which to attract attention is to throw a competition or to offer giveaways, as everyone enjoys receiving free goods. Branded items (e.g. key rings, USB, t-shirts, bags etc.), food and drink are some freebies that can be given to attendees.

  1. Sponsor something

Sponsoring is another way to increase brand awareness. ‘Sponsoring an event can entitle your company to exclusive face-to-face time with attendees as well as overt branding opportunities.’.

However, you must make sure that your choice of sponsorship is picked wisely, it ‘should be relevant to your target market and ‘on message’.

  1. Organise an experiential stunt

Organising an experiential stunt is another perfect way to reach your target market. This marketing method gives you the opportunity to be face to face and engage with potential customers.

‘Experiential campaigns can leave a lasting impression and buy you valuable user-generated social media coverage.’

  1. Take to social media

Social networking sites (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) ‘offer companies a great free-of-charge platform to promote themselves, build their brand and their audience.’

It is important to have an online presence and be active as a large amount of people use social media. However, updating your social media accounts can be time consuming.

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