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Innovo Trampoline Guinness New World Record

Innovo breaks the world record 324 for most people on trampolines at the same time at Haggerston Park, London.


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Innovo, a product of Irish company Atlantic Therapeutics, focusing on incontinence dysfunction and health today broke the Guinness World Record for the most people simultaneity jumping on trampolines now currently at 343. They did so during World Continence Week to raise awareness of women’s continence health; they say the most common thing they hear from women with continence dysfunctions is they cannot longer jump on trampolines with their children.

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The previous record was held by Loughborough University with 324 people. On the 22nd of June Innovo Atlantic Therapeutics broke this record in Haggerston Park, London. With help from 4-time Olympic medalist, TV presenter and celebrity mum Becky Adlington leading the event. The participators jumped for 5 minutes to break the Guinness World Record.

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Icelandair’s ‘Stopover Buddy’ experiential campaign boosted sales by 30%

As we think Experiential Marketing campaigns for 2017 we provide readers with up to date content around the globe. A Experiential Marketing campaign we love to see!

Icelandair took advantage of a growing apathy towards traditional tourism with its ‘Stopover Buddy’ campaign, which paired travellers to Iceland with a local host. And the quirky campaign has seen big success with demand outstripping supply and website bookings up by 30%.


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The service allows customers to stop over in Iceland for up to seven nights, giving them the opportunity to explore the country with members of the airline’s team or “local buddies”, meaning travellers with Icelandair can experience the “real” Iceland.

The Stopover Buddy service aims to promote Icelandair’s routes from Europe to North America by allowing fliers to stop over in Iceland for up to seven nights, and pairing them with one of its employees to give travellers a taste of the “real” Iceland. Even the CEO Birkir Hólm Guðnason has got involved, according to director of marketing and business development Guðmundur Óskarsson.

The scheme has now been running for four months and Óskarsson claims it has been a success. Website bookings are up 30% and Icelandair has had to dedicate more staff to the scheme due to its popularity. “It is the last day tomorrow, yet we still have requests from journalists and customers. There have been a lot more requests than anticipated,” Óskarsson said.

The campaign aims to personalise the travel experience and cater to specific consumer needs, based around the idea: “Why should adventure stop just because you have hit the ground?”

“We did some research before we started the campaign. We found that a lot of travellers find it off-putting to be a tourist. We also saw a lot of interest in people travelling alone and wanted to create a programme to cater to that,” explained Óskarsson.

Research conducted by the airline found that four in five Americans were embarrassed about looking like a tourist on holiday, while 26% of 18-24 year olds in Canada said they didn’t visit tourist attractions for more than five minutes.

Icelandair’s campaign is part of a trend among travel companies toward offering more personalized and local experiences to customers. Airbnb is the poster boy of the space, although Óskarsson jokes that “we are inspiring Airbnb”. He claimed Brits are overspending by £17.2bn each on holidays due to a lack of knowledge. “It’s all about creating experiences and moments that are memorable to customers,” he said.

Óskarsson believes the exposure of the company and including its CEO in the scheme, has made the company more confident in what it stands for. With social media and the ability for everyone to explain their, “feeling and opinion on things, everyone now knows what you stand for so you must be authentic. The world is getting more transparent and so marketing is too.”

Icelandair was only planning to run the campaign until the end of April but says it will now continue until Autumn as demand for its local hosts continues.

Guðmundur Óskarsson, Director of Marketing at Icelandair and George Bryant, Founder and Global Chief Innovation Officer at The Brooklyn Brothers (the agency linked to the Stopover Buddy campaign) will be speaking at creativebrief’s BITE LIVE event on 12 May. Marketing Week is an official media partner.

Source Marketing Week Magazine

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Can you be successful with an anonymous brand? How Brand Awareness Marketing Agencies can help

Imagine you have a start-up or an established company with a limited budget. You have to calculate how to save money. The corporate architecture of your business is based on the values: sustainability, honesty, or uniqueness. What cut downs cross your mind? Personnel, Quality, Marketing?

Let’s see how cutting down Marketing would play out in reality. Your product is good, you are producing in an eco-friendly way, only using natural products, nobody has ever introduced a product quite as yours to the market and you have nothing to hide from the public.

Still, the interest in your brand is low. You are missing retailers, your s
ales are at the lowest level and you are barely making profit. The pressuring question is: Why?

Step out of the office and do some market research. Show people pictures of your product or simply just tell them the brands name. Will they recognise it? Will they remember the message behind your company? Will they have heard about you?

Look around you. Do you see your brand anywhere? Stencils on the ground, billboards on the walls, advertisement in TV, posts in social media or leaflets on the street?
No? Because that’s Marketing!

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Maybe a solution to raise Brand Awareness would have been spreading the message. Nobody knows your logo because it hasn’t been placed anywhere in public. Nobody buys your product because they simply don’t know it exists.

That’s what Brand Awareness Marketing Agencies can do for you. They will raise the Brand Awareness and highlight the aspects of your company that will divide you from the market and create customer loyalty. We call it your Unique Position Feature. Marketing takes the strengths of your business, gives them a face, dresses them up and puts them on stage.

And don’t you worry about your budget. Experienced and fresh Brand Awareness Marketing Agencies like Love Creative Marketing know the best approaches to give you cost-effective marketing solutions. A Guerrilla Marketing Campaign for example creates buzz around your brand by presenting the public something they haven’t seen before. Or bring your product to the client and create a unique customer experience by implementing an Experiential Marketing Campaign. The effect of surprise, uniqueness and creativity makes people talk about your activity and therefor your brand. Posts on social media will raise the Brand Awareness and make your message go viral so you can see the return of your investments by increasing sales and profits immediately.

Marketing is the mother that will raise your company, keeps it healthy and help it grow up. It will teach you the necessary social abilities to increase the Brand Awareness and become a star.

An Article by Celine Janson.


The art of Storytelling through Experiential Marketing

Brand Equity recently released an article on the importance of story telling in experiential, read on below for a snippet of the article.

Can you still recall the bedtime stories that you were told in childhood? Or the incident behind the scar on your arm? We, as a species, thrive on stories. At the slightest hint of an opportunity, we greedily consume them and share them. From a murder ‘story’ that gets reported in the papers to the WhatsApp chat with your friend who shares succulent details of her date last night, we consume stories day and night. Even our dreams aren’t spared.
They are, after all, vessels of ideas, emotions and values that help everyone connect.

Marketing, too, is an art of narrating stories of a brand so that the consumer buys your version of reality. The mass marketing strategy has reigned supreme time and again, thanks to the endless campaigns we have heard and seen in print, radio and television. Alas, all have been one-sided and enthral an audience that you cannot see or hear back from. All you get is the sales figures that some call response.

The challenge currently is that you need to narrate a story where the consumer becomes the narrator, is the protagonist and can be the commentator. This way he needs to be a part-owner of this story (thanks to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat).

This is where brands like Coca-Cola, Cadbury, Samsung, Uber, Redbull, Adidas, and Go Pro enter and comprise the leading pack in the world of marketing.
Who can forget the Coca-Cola Small World Machines? The path-breaking idea of letting people of two different countries — such as India and Pakistan — bond with each other had social media abuzz. The idea was simple — to let people touch hands and trace a peace or love symbol together and the coke vending machine would pop out a can. This translated into an experience of a lifetime. The campaign was clever — use the best of technology (real-time 3D projection) but base it on a shared belief or value, like in this case, it is to spread friendship and love.

The Atlanta-headquartered marketing agency SuperGroup cut through the noise by telling the consumer that the brand shares his/her values. That’s what experiential or engagement marketing is all about. Through this strategy, the marketer is not only able to penetrate the online world of the consumer through his offline experiences, but create real equity and gain true virality of content.

This is why the marketing world has shifted from gauging their efforts in Return on Objective (RoO) than the conventional Return on Investment (RoI). As marketers, everything we strive to create may not be tangible or translatable in sales figures. The objectives that drive us are to build brand awareness, establish expertise, or to simply, get leads. Through experiential marketing, we can measure the extent to which we have achieved our objective and not a target revenue figure.

For the full, original article, please click here.

StubHub’s Live Campaign

This time last week, StubHub had an experiential marketing activation during the Super Bowl show and before that at the BroadwayCon in New York. At the BroadwayCon event, StubHub had makeup stations installed and organised recreations of the shows rehearsals. This is part of their new branding strategy to increase experiential marketing.


Above is a snapshot of an article written on StubHub’s plan to increase their experiential marketing efforts. Read on below for the snippet.

The brand’s StubHub Live campaign, which launched in January, features activations at live music festivals and sporting events. It kicked off with an experience at BroadwayCon in New York, followed by activations at the Super Bowl and a music stage at the upcoming South by Southwest in March.

Nearly 6,000 people attended StubHub’s Houston Huddle at Super Bowl LI. It included a mechanical bull and a live broadcast with NFL players and comedian Keegan-Michael Key.

StubHub Live’s BroadwayCon experience featured makeup stations and recreations of Broadway show rehearsals. The StubHub Live: Soundstage @SXSW activation will feature performances by 27 artists over three days.

“The idea is: It isn’t about the ticket; it’s about the live moment itself,” Betka said. “We wanted to widen the range of the audience that engages with us. It’s an important differentiator in helping us engage with existing customers and acquire new ones.”

For the full and original article, please click here.

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EasyJet teams up with French Tourism Development Agency

Travel Weekly just recently announced via an article about EasyJet’s new partnership with the French Tourism Development Agency. Easy Jet recognises the power of experiential marketing and some form of it will be used during their promotional campaign.

Read on below for the article released by Travel Weekly.

EasyJet is to promote tourism to France from the rest of Europe with an “inspirational” promotional push.

A three-year partnership with Atout France, the French Tourism Development Agency, will start in the UK.

The campaign will focus on promoting Paris and the Cote d’Azur, including Nice and the surrounding region, in the UK.

Both the Franch capital and Nice were the targets of deadly terrorist attacks in November 2015 and July last year respectively.

The multi-media advertising and experiential marketing campaign will have a spend of around €1 million and kicks off in March.

Activity will include outdoor advertising as well as digital advertising, social media support and an experiential event for members of the public.

The UK-based budget carrier is the second largest airline in France, with almost 17 million passengers in total, of which more than one million fly between the UK and Paris every year.

The airline is also the largest airline at Nice airport, carrying more than three million passengers a year to and from the region with more than 220 flights a week.

EasyJet is also working with VisitBritain to promote the UK to consumers in Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal through a multi-media advertising and marketing campaign.

The airline’s digital and marketing director, James Millett, said: “France is such an important market and remains popular with our UK customers.

“This inspirational campaign will seek to show everything France has to offer from a city break in Paris to a holiday in the French Riviera.”

Gwenaelle Maret-Delos, managing director for Atout France in the UK, added: “Atout France is delighted to partner with easyJet for this campaign and together continue to welcome more than 10 million British tourists to France.”

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