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Welcome to the power of seeding curiosity in people’s minds…

In marketing days of yore, Direct Mail was the uncontested King, wasn’t it? Not anymore. Nowadays, an indirect approach to advertising undoubtedly reaps a greater return on promotion investment, with stealth marketing becoming a progressively popular tool employed by marketing agencies everywhere – their clients’ sales increasing as consumers develop a keen interest in products by default.

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Stealth Marketing Examples
Stealth Marketing Activation for Universal – Eminem Album Launch

With stealth marketing, the trick is to take off your salesperson’s hat, so to speak, and instead create curiosity, engender a collective buzz about your product among potential customers, encouraging them, albeit subliminally, to grow a burgeoning interest in it, leading them to purchase later, yet without them ever having felt blatantly sold to.

Like anything, though, stealth marketing is only effective if covertly conducted with aplomb, and that means plenty of preparation and planning before executing a deftly orchestrated and well-managed stealth strategy with a specific goal in mind.

Product placement

Product Placement Agency
Product Placement for brands created by Expert Creative Marketing Agency LCM

Think of situations where it doesn’t seem as if a product or service is being advertised… Perhaps the first example of this to spring to mind is product placement. We’ve all seen that in our favourite TV dramas, boxed set shows, movies, and even cool music videos (correction, we’ve all seen that possibly without realising that’s we are seeing it!).

Specialist Stealth Marketing Agency LCM Activates Campaign for Vitamin Water

A well-placed bottle of Budweiser or a box of Kellogg’s cornflakes in a scene can see those products’ sales surge. After all, if A list actors and/or rock stars favour a certain type of drink, food or even a car, it must be good, right? If it wasn’t a must-have item before, it certainly is now. But, again, we may not even realise that these goods are being marketed to us; brands and commodities are imprinting themselves upon our minds, and being stored away in our memory banks, only to rush to the front of our brains in a high street store or when shopping online later.

So, what we’re talking about here is a process.

Create a flow, then sit tight before watching your sales grow

These days, most of us check out social media at some point in the day; with many of us looking at Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat et al several times. If billions of people do that worldwide, that’s a massive audience: one of almost incalculable numbers. Creating a buzz about a product or service on these sites – viewable on handheld devices as well as desktop PC’s, remember – basically means starting a conversation, a discussion, where live audience members enjoy interacting, posting comments, clicking likes, and tagging certain items, or even showing their enthusiasm for a forthcoming event. All the while, individual and collective interest is inexorably mounting. Inquisitiveness is being piqued. And all this without any pressure being felt whatsoever to BUY NOW.


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