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Marvin Foster (Managing Director of Love Creative Marketing Agency London, New York and Asia) Guerrilla and Street Marketing Expert explains how businesses can bounce right back.

Marvin Foster

“Many businesses have been affected worldwide because of the global pandemic; businesses now will need to step up their marketing game to ensure growth says Foster”

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Globally many of us will be moving from lockdown phase one, steadily easing back into the general public. Brands and service providers will be looking to activate campaigns that target new and existing audiences. These activations should be exciting, engaging and memorable.


Marketing budgets could have been affected; therefore, marketers next move will need to be SMART. This is where guerrilla and street marketing should play an important part in your upcoming marketing communications. Reasons as to why marketers should conduct the above strategy include, its low cost, very effective, creates buzz, generates word of mouth, increases sales, and a leading data capture tool. This could see your brand, service or product gain momentum at a very fast pace if used correctly.


With over 20+ years’ experience in consumer engagement, delivering over 2 thousand plus brand activations worldwide, I can say that consumers will be on the edge but open to engagement.

Activations should show in text or on merchandise that the campaign has been carefully thought through with the current guidelines and restrictions in place. This will give the consumer confidence in connecting with the Brand Ambassadors or the set build in general.

Remember, consumers go to the supermarket several times in peak pandemic period, and they have no alternative but to trust the store cashier. Having the audience see or hear that the campaign is thought through carefully, they will be at ease connecting with the Brand Ambassadors or event.


When selecting Brand Ambassadors, do ensure the Events Staffing Agency has gone through the process of vetting all staff.  This is just to ensure they are fit to work and have not had any symptoms of any sickness within the last 45 days.


A cool creative marketing campaign that I managed in 8 countries that generated awareness, online buzz and had a huge increase in users was 3D floor art, contracted by ING Bank. This is a campaign where the audience members would stand at a certain point on the 3D art (which was designed by an artist on a canvas). This kind of activation is one of the top 10 guerrilla and street marketing campaigns to date. This can be placed on the floor at your targeted location.

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See example below

The pictures above show that there can be several measures of social distancing, from the first approach right till the end of the experience. There could be additional features for example, audiences can collect the photo themselves from a picture holding rack or branded box.

On one side of the photo it will contain your logo and brand key messages. On the other side, it will have the actual picture of the consumer interaction.  

Audiences will be able to take away their picture at no cost. This most likely will be placed in a special place.  Audiences have the option to agree for the content to be uploaded on your social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. This will create further buzz and exponential reach, notifying anyone who never seen the promotion how cool it was. 

 A memorable experience will surely generate word of mouth and generate sales depending on the call to action.



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Unconventional Guerrilla marketing is not just about placing adverts. Guerrilla and street marketing help brands and service providers achieve objectives creatively. It is two of the most effective and low-cost marketing solutions says Marvin Foster

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