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Google recently organised a hardware event showcasing their hardware products like their Pixel phone, Daydream View etc. Patrick Moorhead attended the show and wrote out his personal views about the event which can be found on Forbes website.

For a snapshot of his ‘Industry Technology Analyst Take’ on the event, continue reading below.

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I just completed watching Google’s special hardware event and wanted to share my high-level, industry analyst take on it.

Google Assistant

Everything Google showed on-stage was very compelling, but as we have seen with most claims in intelligent assistants, rarely if ever have they lived up to the hype. Until consumers can truly rely on assistants, they will continue to be a niche use case. Google Voice and Google Now are very high quality, but to claim game-changer, Google Assistant must do what it did on stage to really set it apart and I’ll have to do a lot of testing before I’m there. Consumers must keep in mind that this personal information is being mined by Google to create improved advertising profiles.

Pixel phone

Google intelligently amped up their camera development and message as consumers care about this a lot. The 89 rating on DxOMark is impressive and using a gyroscope to compensate for video jitter is unique. Now DXO mark is nice, but may not compensate for the lack of a second lens for telephoto and also, until the camera is tested, we won’t know if they’ve compromised the experience in other ways to hit that impressive score. I’m surprised Google didn’t opt for two cameras as it’s rapidly becoming standard on premium phones. Apple, Huawei, and LG have dual camera features. Free unlimited storage in highest quality mode is a great deal but only if you like the pictures. I expect Pixel photo experience to be good but probably not great by comparison.

Daydream View

It appears Google put a lot of thought into this VR headset previously hinted at Google I/O. The Google VR content with YouTube, Maps, Photos and Movies are strong when presented, but details were limited as to how many titles are available. VR is made or broken with content. To break VR out of the early adopter stage, Google will need to give the sense that there is a lot of content or face lack of adoption and keep it niche. Also lacking were details on how Google is keeping people from getting sick, a big issue with today’s mobile headsets as they don’t have the 90 frames-per-second bar PC-base


It was a good event, but Google created stratospherically high expectations for the event which I believe the company failed to live up to. The new Pixel phones didn’t bring much new to the conversation and they lacked dual cameras, an expected feature of a $649 phone. I believe it will take time for the connected home play to fully sink in, but if it can truly deliver as it did on stage, Google may have moved the industry a step forward, albeit with privacy concerns. I hope to use the devices and run them through their paces very shortly and will let you know!

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