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The US Coravin are hoping to expand into the UK market. Coravin is a company which offers a system that allows consumers to pour wine directly from the bottles without the need of removing the corks. They recently launched their ad campaign on the One Piccadilly advertising screen. In addition to the ad, they will be combining it with an experiential marketing campaign. This will including sampling activities, branded bus/ pedicabs. Their strainer ‘Stop Screwing Around’ will be a common sight during the next couple of weeks the campaign is expected to run for.

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- Coravin
– Coravin

According to an article on the IPM, ‘Coravin will also be activating citywide product demonstrations and sampling to showcase the product to consumers face to face.As part of this, Coravin has partnered with wine bar 28-50 Maddox Street to offer consumers a complimentary glass of fine wine poured by Coravin. Consumers can get involved by hailing one of Coravin’s fleet of pedicabs which will be travelling around the Oxford Circus and Mayfair areas on the 21st, 22nd, 28th and 29th of November. These pedicabs will offer Londoners a free ride to 28-50 Maddox Street, where they can exchange a voucher for the complimentary glass of wine.Coravin will also be carrying out demonstrations in a range of city offices, serving wine from a pop-up bar to central London workers.’

To read the full article found on the IPM, click here.

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