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Charlotte Five have explained away the sightings of a man dressed as Genghis Khan on a horse in the US. It has been explained that it was to promote the launching of “Genghis Khan” exhibition which opened on Friday 18th November.

Read on below to read a snippet of the article posted on Friday.

The good folks over at Discovery Place were engaging in a little guerrilla marketing over the lunch hour on Nov. 14. They were hitting up all the hot spots, at Trade and Tryon, in front of the Duke Energy building, Romaire Bearden Park, the Bechtler and more.

Julie Campbell, social media manager for Discovery Place, and her intern Katie Thomas were along to promote the opening of the “Genghis Khan” exhibition that begins Friday at Discovery Place.

The guy on horseback who was portraying Genghis Khan was Gankhuyag “Ganna” Natsag, a Mongolian artist who was one of the lead installers of the exhibition “Genghis Khan.”


The exhibition is presented by Wells Fargo and curated and developed by dinosaur expert Don Lessem, who went to Mongolia originally looking for fossils and instead pursued the story of Genghis Khan.

“It’s a great story best told in a major exhibition,” Lessem said.

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