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Tim Lott expresses his belief that social media does indeed improve face to face marketing? Read on below for his thoughts and views.

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Face It! Social Media Improves Face to Face Marketing


When you connect with people on social media, you give them a chance to get familiar with you and your company at their own pace, and vice versa. Then, when you meet in person, you don’t have to do the whole “elevator speech” – you can get right to talking about how you can do business together.

Let’s say there’s a company that you’d like to work with, but you don’t know anyone there. That’s why social media is so great – you can do some research, and then reach out to the right person on LinkedIn, Twitter, or whatever network they’re active on.

With some networks, like LinkedIn, you can even search for people you have contacts in common with – kind of like an introduction!

In my experience, this works a whole lot better than cold-calling (and getting the door slammed in my face).

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