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Weta Workshop is set to open a new science exhibition at Te Papa next week Saturday. The exhibition goes by the name ‘Bug Lab’. It will be an educational one which will focus on bugs (insects) and will provide an ‘experience’ for the visitors.

Wellington Scoop, released an article about the new science exhibition. Read on below for a snippet of the article.

A spectacular science exhibition titled Bug Lab opens at Te Papa next Saturday. The high impact, hands-on experience will give visitors the chance to learn from the genius of bugs. Visitors will enter a colourful, magical space to see large-scale bug models and explore hands-on science.

The exhibition was created by Te Papa and Weta Workshop and is an experience for all ages.

Te Papa Chief Executive Rick Ellis said the exhibition is like no other.

“This is an experience that will have a huge wow factor for visitors. We know how important science and technology education is for New Zealand’s future, and Bug Lab is going to get people excited about these subjects,” he says.

Exhibition Creative Director and co-founder of Weta Workshop Richard Taylor says Bug Lab is an exceptional experience.

“The team at Weta Workshop and I were enthralled by the opportunity to again collaborate with our friends and colleagues at Te Papa – to design and build a wildly creative, wonderfully engaging and exciting educational exhibition that delivers a unique look into the lives of some extraordinary inhabitants of our planet,” he says.

“For 450 million years, bugs have been getting smarter. From brain surgery to teamwork to mastering flight – they can really outdo us humans at most things! Come and visit Bug Lab and discover how these extraordinary creatures are sharing their genius to help humans make the world a better place,” Richard says.

Throughout the exhibition, bugs tell humans about their world and their stories are brought to life on a monumental scale.

The exhibition elements created by Weta Workshop took 40,000 hours to make, over a 6-month period.

Bug Lab will run for four months. After its season at Te Papa, the exhibition will travel the world, and is already garnering strong global interest.

“Bug Lab will be exhibited at Melbourne Museum next year, and we have bookings in progress with several major museums in the US and interest from Asia,” Mr Ellis said.

Weta Workshop’s “hands-on” bug exhibition opens at Te Papa on Saturday


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