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Digital and the importance of human connections

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5th October 2016|London, UK

At this latest CIM London event, in collaboration with Hays Recruitment, Daniel Rowles, CEO and Lead Trainer at Target Internet will look at the changing role of human creativity and instinct in our brave new digital world. Are new technologies helping marketers become more creative or are they a hindrance, and just how far should marketers surrender these skills to robots and the algorithm?

Clare Kemsley, Managing Director Hays Marketing will present their latest research which examines how marketers can fit in to this digital world while not limiting themselves to a single set of skills. Hays’ ‘Elements of a Marketer’ report pins down the core skills every marketer needs in order have a foundation on which to develop technical skills and exploit digital channels to their full potential.

There will also be a brief presentation on the CIM Professional Marketing Standards – our framework of marketing abilities which provide a guide to the range of skills and behaviours that are expected of professional marketers.

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