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Hiring Event Stewards for events – as a static presence or carrying out foot or vehicle patrols – isn’t just “money well spent”; it’s an essential part of ensuring that everything runs smoothly, from start to finish.

Event Stewards for Events with a valid security licence

Post-Pandemic lockdowns, it’s unsurprising that Brits are eager to get out there and attend all sorts of events. Let’s face it, we’re champing at the bit to burn our facemasks and bake beneath a glorious sun, enjoying ourselves with others, wherever we live across the UK. We’ve all spent months-on-end stuck at home, dreaming of letting our hair down at a club or outdoor music festival, or cheering on our favourite team at a live sporting event; and we’re not just entertainment addicts craving a long-awaited fix: some of us are keen to participate in demonstrations, mass protests, or even marches on the Capital to give Boris a piece of our minds!

But seriously…

Whatever the occasion, overseeing crowd control is obviously essential; after all, it might even be the difference between life and death. That’s what makes Event Stewards for events so important, vital even. Event Stewardship doesn’t ‘just happen’, though. Far from it…

Hire Event Stewards for Events that couldn’t otherwise go ahead

Imagine playing a role in maintaining the health and safety of the attending public at an event, be that a small-scale occasion or a mammoth happening. Picture being part of a highly visible presence in an environment where all manner of crimes could occur, gate crashers may appear, and even a full-scale riot might suddenly break out, were it not for the security in place successfully serving its purpose as a visual deterrent. That’s what great Event Stewardship involves, but it’s not what it’s all about.

Hire Events Stewards
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Planning, recruitment, identifying threats, pre-empting problems, restoring calm, caring for both people and premises…

Event Stewarding isn’t for everyone. And, sadly for some, we can’t all be accepted as an Event Steward, however keen we are to join the UK’s ranks of hireable Event Stewards for events of different types, scales and sizes. It takes a certain kind of individual to become an Event Steward: you need to strike that sometimes difficult balance between being friendly but firm.

We’ve all read horror stories in the newspaper, or watched media reports on the TV where, somehow, no matter how tight security at a venue, some crazy person has slipped the net, got amongst the crowd at a packed venue and caused absolute havoc. It’s every event organiser’s nightmare, but, tragically, it can and does happen. Event Stewards (and other types of event security personnel) can only do their best to minimise the risk. But it’s amazing how effective that can be throughout a busy calendar year.

Event Stewards for events don’t just control access points for entry: they play a role in attendees departing the venue safely too

Every year across the country (across the Globe, in fact) countless events take place without a hitch, with everyone feeling they’ve had value for money, and, after leaving the venue safely, heading home reflecting upon what a great time they’ve had. With the vast majority of events being held in the evenings or at weekends, Event Stewards for events are usually employed on a part-time basis, fulfilling important stewarding tasks outside of their day jobs. They may be required to travel, but most event organisers find that employing Event Stewards with detailed local knowledge can be an advantage, in myriad ways.

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