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Email marketing is one of the most effective digital strategies for promoting your products that offer higher conversion rate. It provides direct access to potential clients through personalized communication methods straight to your client’s inbox. Aside from ads, social media platforms, and blogs, email marketing is by far the most effective and top-rated strategy that offers a higher conversion rate from leads to sales.

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Popular software and tools are dominating the market through guaranteed ROI, ease of use, and customization. A few names should ring the bells like MailChimp and ConvertKit. These tools enable your emails to directly land into customers’ inbox and enhance a straight and more personal approach to users. 

Whether you’re a startup business or have a massive number of followers, email marketing tools enable you to provide customization, robust reporting, automation, and more. The question is, what do these tools really do, and how can you optimize them? 

Is Email Marketing Worth It?

Among all types of marketing strategies available to help increase conversion rate and leverage business, email marketing is by far the most robust approach. It offers a massive 400% guaranteed conversion from leads to sales when appropriately optimized. If you are new to email marketing or trying to venture it’s efficiency, you can start with a fundamental approach. For instance, ConvertKit offers affordable pricing plans and a free plan for beginners that have a limited budget. Unlike MailChimp, ConvertKit offers full-featured software for email marketing.

It’s one of the most conveniently accessible approaches to interact with potential clients, build trust, build your brand, and eventually transition a lead into sales. Several successful digital entrepreneurs take advantage of the benefits of email marketing due to its impressive success rate. 

Furthermore, one of the most effective ways to ensure success is to use the right tool that offers total convenience on your end. Most email marketing tools provide features like automating emails, aids in email creation, list management, and reports. Aside from that, email marketing tools offer landing page creation and forms that help generate more leads to your website. 

In finding the right email marketing software, you need to identify your needs and business goals. Here’s a quick rundown of the features required for an excellent email marketing tool:

  • Email automation
  • Email creation
  • User-friendly interface
  • A/B testing
  • Landing pages and forums
  • Reporting
  • Segmentation

ConvertKit: What Does It Do And Is It Effective?

Convertkit is a robust and well-known email marketing tool that is designed and built with current design trends and innovative technology by providing user-friendly and conveniently easy to use software. It comes with various plans with fair prices. 

ConvertKit is designed and crafted under a target audience which includes influencers, bloggers, or any online creators. While ConvertKit doesn’t have a free plan, it offers a pretty straightforward approach when it comes to contact management as it’s not confusing to navigate in the first place.

What’s The Best Email Marketing Tool

If you’ll check Mailchimp and ConvertKit features, both marketing tools offer a powerful tool for email marketing suitable for small and startup businesses. The final verdict varies on individual preferences and your email marketing needs. 

Though ConvertKit is a bit pricey, it indeed is worth the price you’ll pay for. It doesn’t come with a free plan, but it provides a form and landing page with excellent efficiency. If you’re up to growing your leads and email subscribers, ConvertKit is a perfect option with total customization on your landing pages with extra advanced email features

On the other hand, MailChimp is a straightforward method of creating, sending, or automating your emails without extra fees. It enables you to keep up to 2k of contacts, access 1-click email automation, and basic yet powerful email templates. 


Both email automation solutions provide a simplified method of creating powerful email marketing strategies to improve conversion rate and grow your subscriber’s list. Whether you choose MailChimp or Convertkit, both are popular when it comes to automation that cuts the long hours of spending time working on a practical marketing approach.

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