How to File Government Tax
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A business can’t escape filing taxes. Taxes must be filed to the government at the central and state level.

The tax payables vary between businesses, it depends on locality, industry, size, nationality and other details.

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Most business owners are focused on promoting their business, taxes can sometimes be ignored.

This can harm your business because failure to pay taxes on time can lead to fines and penalties.

You should learn the tax rules and regulations for your locality. This applies even to small businesses, home-based workers and online businessmen.

If you want to avoid facing legal consequences, it would be vital to learn about the tax laws of your area and be updated with filing.

From the day you start your business, you need to choose a correct legal structure.

Always make sure you register for your taxes at the right time to avoid paying late fees and penalties.

Prepare documents related to your taxes and monitor them all the time.

You can also estimate the tax payments beforehand and prepare a budget for it to avoid falling short when filing time comes.

It would also be advisable to seek expert advice from a tax accountant.

Taxes are obligations that can’t be delayed or postponed. Penalties are automatic for late payments.

It is the responsibility of every one to pay regular taxes.

The penalty for failure to file is 5% of the tax amount unpaid for every month that your tax return was late.

Failure of payment, on the other hand, has a penalty of 0.5% of unpaid tax for every month your payment is late plus interest on the unpaid money.

These amounts can add up and can blow up to becoming a financially crippling situation.

If you fail to file taxes the IRS(Internal Revenue Service) can:

  • File an order to claim portions of your property
  • Take away your business property
  • Make you give up your tax refunds
  • Revoke your documents like licenses and passports

These actions are serious, so you need to keep updated with present tax file regulations and file on time.

Hiring an accountant should be an option for small businesses.

An accountant can help in filing Income Tax Returns and Audited Financial Statements. They can also renew your business permits and licenses for you and perform audits.

The problem with some businesses is that they look for an Accountant when it’s already too late.

It may be costly to maintain retainer fees for monthly bookkeeping and tax preparation, but the consequence of not having someone do this for you are larger than the cost.

Owners who focus on running their business often have financial records and documents that are mixed up.

Having unorganized financial statements create stress and headaches because you don’t know your financial standing.

Accountants maintain an organized record and filing of your financial records.

This is known as Bookkeeping. If your business has a system in place, you don’t have to worry about whether you are losing money or making money.

All your receipts are organized, filed and recorded.

Not hiring an accountant means you have to know the tax laws to be tax compliant.

There is also the proper computation for tax payments. You may not know the right way to compute and end up paying more than you should.

Accountants can give you advice on effective tax management and may know ways to lower tax payments.  

Accounting and tax are two things that a business can’t avoid.

You can save money by hiring an accountant because you avoid future penalties and interest on your tax returns.

This will give you peace of mind when it comes to financial obligations and confidence when you need to show records for compliance with accounting and government reporting requirements.

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