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Email Marketing: Take your newsletters and campaigns to the next level

3rd November 2016|Glasgow, UK

In this half-day hands-on workshop we’ll look at how email marketing is one of the most important tools in your digital marketing arsenal. You’ll learn how to construct an email that delivers results. We’ll look at using email marketing tools like Mailchimp – giving you a solid grounding you can apply to whatever newsletter or email softwarer you’re currently using. We’ll look at newsletter design and bust some common myths about what makes a good email campaign.

We’ll cover A/B testing of emails to measure which delivers the best results, and talk about best practice when handling data. We will also explore how email marketing fits within the rest of your online marketing activities and explore the best way to convert the most number of website users in to supporters.

In this workshop we’ll look at:

  1. How to structure your newsletters
  2. How to write effective subject and headlines
  3. What makes a good call to action
  4. Email marketing good practice
  5. How to avoid common mistakes
  6. The structure and elements of landing pages that convert

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