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As we have left the old year behind us, it’s time to see which SEO trends we should look forward to in the future. In reality, if you don’t keep up with the current demands of search engines, you’ll get outclassed by your competition. For this reason, we will take a look at the most important SEO trends you need to follow in 2022.

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1.   Content marketing

Quality content has never been in such high demand. Online audiences have expressed the need for well-written, informative articles, and search engines have started promoting websites that feature it. If you create content that has information valuable to users, not only will it boost your SEO, but you can also use it for marketing purposes.

Most products are designed to fulfill a need or solve a problem that customers may have. You can structure your content around the common issues customers are experiencing. Offer guides and explanations on how to solve problems related to your branch of industry, but make sure to point out how your products and services can be of help. Users will naturally seek out that type of content, and once Google figures out that it’s informative and helpful to users, you can expect a boost to your SEO as well.

For a long time now, Google has suppressed websites with spammy or misleading links. However, those hosting links to authoritative sites are seen as trustworthy themselves. This is true for both internal and external links. While link building does take time, it is well worth the efforts, and focusing on setting up a strong network of links is one of the most important SEO trends you need to follow in 2022. We asked the digital marketing experts from for the best and fastest way to improve link building. They recommended inviting guest writers to help you create content and contribute articles that include both of these types of links. This is useful to you for two reasons:

  • Internal links are great for helping users navigate your pages. Engage website visitors by pointing them to content they might find helpful and keep them on your website longer.
  • External links can be used to establish domain authority. However, you should also remember to monitor inbound links that point to your website.
Two men looking at the latest SEO trends.
Track the domain authority of your website.

3.   Improve the user experience

In the last several algorithm updates, Google has shown a determination to improve the page experience users have when they visit a website. Obviously, quality content is imperative, but there are other things to keep in mind as well. You should look at the design elements of your website and try to make quality of life improvements that will ensure that users have a positive experience when they visit your pages.

  • Try to ensure that navigation between your pages is intuitive and that users can always find what they need.
  • Improve your load times by cleaning up your website code. While you are at it, you can remove any unnecessary design elements cluttering up your pages.
  • Optimize all of your media files. Reduce file sizes to further help load times, and include image descriptions and alt tags.
Ensuring user satisfaction is an important SEO trend.
Make it a priority to give users a good experience on your website.

Sometimes Google makes algorithm updates and changes how it delivers information to users. However, the opposite can also happen. Recently, many users have changed what they are searching for. Google recognized the trend and adapted how it displayed search results. A position zero is placed above the first ranked result, and it features just a snippet of information from one of the searched pages.

There has been a notable trend of mobile users treating search engines as a quick FAQ reference without diving deeper into the subject matter or opening any of the pages delivered in the SERP. Google plucks info from some of the pages and displays it above the ranked results, and often users are content with just that information. To get featured in snippet form, you’ll need to do some optimizing and make your content snippet-friendly. You can do this by including lists and definitions in your articles.

5.   Social media is still the place to be

Even if your website is the cornerstone of your marketing campaign, you will still need to place your ads on the platforms users are frequenting. The most visited places on the internet are social networks. Although there are a lot of myths regarding how marketing works on social media, they still represent the best place to find users and generate leads.

You can engage users in conversation, promote your products, run ad campaigns, and directly sell products – all in one place. Establishing a strong presence on multiple social media platforms is definitely one of the most important SEO trends you need to follow, and it can do wonders for your bottom line.

Google app for mobile users.
Google is favoring websites which are optimized for mobile devices.

6.   Mobile-friendly user design

Designing specifically for mobile users seems to be a trend that isn’t going anywhere. Not only is mobile-first design a persistent trend, but it’s also becoming more prominent as time goes on. Your SEO will quickly tank if Google assesses that your website isn’t catering to mobile users and their experience. Designing for mobile stopped being a way to win over more users and is now one of the most important SEO trends you need to follow.

7.   Optimize for voice searches

Digital assistants have made their way into many homes, and many smartphone users are relying on voice commands to perform online searches. Voice searches are becoming commonplace, and you’ll need to take a look at your current content and optimize it if you want to get hits from those searches. Voice searches rely on a relaxed sentence structure and looser syntax, so you might want to factor that in when deciding which keywords you will be focusing on.

In conclusion

Improving your SEO is one of the best ways to increase your user base and ensure that all of your other online endeavors reach their target audience. For this reason, it’s crucial to be aware of the most important SEO trends you need to follow in 2022. If you keep up with the latest trends, you’ll be able to stay a few steps ahead of the competition.

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