8 Incredible Home Care Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Business
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The increasing competition in home care and service business has compelled home care agencies to ensure a great client experience every single time. But the daily ins and outs of running a home care agency and providing quality care to every patient leave little time for home care marketing for owners. So here are 8 easy home care marketing tips to help you promote your business better and increase your sales. 

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  1. Create a Compelling Brand Identity on Social Media

You may think that the elderly population is not tech-savvy but their children are and the internet is the first source of information for them. So, start with a great website that educates and engages because it makes for an incredible home care marketing tool.

Creating a corporate brand identity on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter is also a must to run a successful home care business. So use your logo, vision and mission on your agency’s social profiles to project your home care business as a customer-centric brand that is trusted by clients for quality care services. 

  • Make Sure Your Business is Listed on all Online and Offline Local Business Directories

An easy home care marketing tactic that can drive qualified leads to your home care business is listing your business in local directories. Be sure to cover both online and offline business directories that your target market is most likely to search for when they need home health care services.

  • Set Aside a Budget for Digital Marketing
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Smartphones give people easy and instant access to home care and home health services and so, a local business like yours should definitely spend on online advertising. Blogging gives home care agencies a chance to drive more traffic to the website with relevant keywords.

Another great way to generate more leads is to invest in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising because PPC is a budget-friendly way to increase brand recognition, gives instant results that are measurable, helps you reach out and remarket to the right audience and if you spend safely, also maximizes your ROI. So be sure to include PPC in your home care marketing strategy.

  • Develop Strong Relationships with Local Hospitals

The elderly population is generally associated with their preferred hospital for their regular checkups and for other healthcare issues. While a few critical cases require prolonged hospitalization, most patients will be discharged to home, if your home health marketing plan includes building alliances with local hospitals, they will refer your agency to seniors.

  • Offer to Speak at Seminars

Many universities and conventions organize events and welcome speakers who can provide education on their topic. If your professional expertise can add value there, share relevant presentation topics to the organizers. Public appearances as a speaker will establish your authority in the local market and widen your network with professionals from the field of health, aging and home care. 

  • Invest Your Time and Effort on Building Stronger Client Relationships

The success of a home care agency is dependent on client relationships. So it is important to make sure that your home health marketing plan prioritizes client relationship management. There are so many creative ways to keep your clients happy – sending a simple greeting card on birthdays, an informative newsletter every month, being proactive with client support, seeking client feedback and accordingly adapting your service model.

  • Engage and Influence Your Target Audience on Review Platforms

Home care is a service business and so, review platforms make for a profitable home care marketing strategy. With clients looking for online reviews before making a final decision, make sure you use both positive and negative reviews to your advantage.

While positive reviews will work to attract more customers, a quick response to every negative review and immediate corrective action will not only covert your future leads but also make you stand apart from your competitors. 

  • Maximize Your Greatest Leverage Point with The Diagnosis Based Selling ™ System

We at Home Care Sales most often train sales reps and owners to maximize their greatest leverage point,  Face to Face marketing or sales calls. Using The Diagnosis Based Selling ™ System is the best method for obtaining referrals. This method “unlocks” the patients who are currently on caseload with your medical referral sources to be your clients or patients. Diagnosis Based Selling coupled with the High Performance Sales Process gives you a step by step formula to approach your referral sources – get in and get the referral!  So you can serve more patients and impact more families with the care they deserve!   

When a great client experience will be backed by these home care marketing efforts, your referrals will soar for sure! 

Melanie Stover

Melanie is a growth expert who coaches home care and hospice organizations throughout the country to help with their sales and marketing with her partner at Home Care Sales. She has authored several articles and manuals and regularly publishes content. When she’s not busy speaking at national events, you can find her playing with her 5-year-old twin boys while spending time at the beach on the gulf with her family and reading.

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