Amazingly Simple Tips To Rank Your Youtube Videos
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There’s no need to provide statistics and supporting facts about Youtube’s predominance in the digital world today. As one of the biggest internet platforms in the world, Youtube attracts anyone – from business owners, professionals, and basically anyone with an entrepreneurial mind. Youtube is a fantastic platform that, if used right, can have a significant impact on any business. So if you want to use Youtube as a way to boost your brand visibility online, you’ve come to the right place. Read ahead to know how to rank your Youtube videos.

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Tip # 1. Focus on your video content.

Here’s the part where most people fail. You should never treat Youtube as a “sales” tool. Youtube is not a shopping website where you can sell your products, and people will automatically buy them. To be honest, people don’t care about the products you’re selling if it doesn’t help them in any way. Ultimately, Youtube is where people go for answers and ideas. Users are looking for content to help them figure out how to do things, to learn new skills, and to get entertained. The gist? Create content that caters to all of these needs, and you’ll increase your chances of getting viral.n

Tip # 2. Research for the best Youtube Keywords.

Once you have content that actually interests people, it’s time to start optimizing your Youtube account. The first step to take in Youtube SEO is keyword research. Follow these steps to generate the best keywords for your videos to rank for.

  • Generate a list of keyword ideas by using the Youtube Search Tool.
  • Use keywords used by your competitors in their popular videos.
  • Take a look at your YouTube “Traffic Sources –> YouTube search” report.

Once you’ve had a list of possible keywords, choose the ones that are most relevant to your content. It’s important to take note that you need to optimize for low-competition keywords. If your channel doesn’t have substantial subscribers yet, it’s better to compete with lower volume keywords for higher ranking.

Tip # 3. Optimize your titles, descriptions, tags, and more.

Much of the same principles in On-Page SEO applies here as well. Improperly optimizing your video titles, descriptions and tags is SEO suicide. A simple mistake such as not even optimizing keywords in your raw video file is a waste of opportunity. Youtube cannot see what your video algorithm is, so naturally, it looks at the raw file to determine the content. In your video descriptions, never forget to include a link to your website. You should also include a Call-To-Action in your description box such as asking your viewers to comment, like, or subscribe to your channel.

Tip # 4. Create video playlists.

Creating and utilizing video playlists on Youtube is more than merely a means to organize your content. Playlists are known to add an extra layer of signals to each video. For each video, you should create a new playlist containing synonym keywords. This will ensure your video gets higher visibility when users search for that particular keyword.

Tip # 5. Create attractive custom thumbnails.

You should never settle for automatically-picked video thumbnails. Thumbnails may not necessarily send ranking signals, but they do affect user engagement significantly. So much so that adding custom thumbnails to your video has a drastic impact on your CTR (Click-Through Rate), which drives up your rankings. Create thumbnails that are colorful and attractive. This simple trick can really affect your ranking.


Ultimately, success on Youtube, just like SEO, depends on the quality and relevance of your content. The more engaging and relevant your videos are, the higher your chances of getting top rankings. Youtube is an extremely useful platform to use for your business. By following these simple and amazingly easy steps, you’ll be one step closer to success.

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