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Adweek has recently covered unusual happenings in New York which are connected to Oreo’s recent Marketing Campaign. Read the following extract to see how the cookie company used drones to promote their brand.

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For its newest marketing stunt timed for National Oreo Day and the brand’s 105th birthday, Oreo put cookie costumes on five drones and flew them over the skyline. Dubbed the “Drone Dunk,” the drones dropped cookies into cups of milk set up on a barge alongside the East River. Per a statement from the brand, some cookies were dropped from the drones at the same height as the Statue of the Liberty, which for the record is 305 feet tall.

The stunt is tied into a social media campaign where consumers can post pictures of their own Oreo dunk on Twitter or Instagram for the chance of winning a trip to Los Angeles or New York.

Oreo is well-known for these kinds of strange stunts. The brand has also created pop-up spaces in New York and Los Angeles that house new flavors of cookies called the “Oreo Wonder Vault.” And of course, the brand is perhaps best-known in digital marketing circles for its buzzy “Dunk in the dark” tweet during the 2013 Super Bowl.

Check out what Oreo’s drones look like below.

To read the original article click here.

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