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Working with a digital marketing agency can help you build up your business and reach more clients, but that’s not where the benefits end.

Successfully running a business means consistently having a growing client base. That has always included promoting your services to potential customers. In the age of the internet, however, that promotion looks a little different. It’s all about digital marketing these days. At first glance, digital marketing may seem pretty straightforward – all it takes is an internet connection and a few clicks, right? But if you want to run a successful marketing campaign, you can’t just log into your website and wing it. Instead, the job takes careful planning, the use of special tools and tactics, and exceptional knowledge of online marketing trends. In fact, it’s probably best to hire experts. There are numerous benefits to working with a digital marketing agency. If you’re on the fence, these advantages might tip you towards hiring professionals.

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Biggest benefits of working with a digital marketing agency

Digital marketing is an essential part of running a successful business these days. And with the average amount of time a person spends online rising every year, digital marketing is only becoming more and more vital. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic will certainly contribute to the importance of an online presence for businesses. When the majority of your clientele is stuck at home, your marketing toolbox has to include ways to reach them there. It would be hard to find a better medium for that than the internet.

Laptop showing Facebook ads.
Online ads and promotions can help your business grow faster.

But digital marketing is more than just a few ads or an active social media account. In fact, digital marketing strategies are quite complex and multi-faceted. So if you want to develop one for your business, you need experts in the field who know what they’re doing. The expertise, however, is only one of the many advantages of digital marketing agencies.

#1: Accessing the skill and tools you need

Why should you hire a digital marketing agency? The obvious answer is because they are the experts. And that is absolutely true – digital marketing agencies employ people who are passionate about the subject, trained in the right techniques, and have experience in achieving results for businesses just like yours. In addition to that, Movers Development and other digital marketing agencies regularly use tools and programs that most people are unfamiliar with or don’t know how to use properly to take their work to the next level. And when you hire the experts, you get to reap the benefits of their skills, talents, and tools that you otherwise might not be able to take advantage of.

#2: Staying on top of digital marketing trends

In the online world, things change often, and they change quickly. Therefore, those who want to stay on top of the game in digital marketing must keep up with all the latest news from the world of marketing and come up with ways to incorporate the changes into their marketing strategies. Even if you had the time to follow marketing trends yourself, would you know how to adjust your strategies to them? When you’re working with an agency, that’s not a problem because they will ensure that your marketing is exactly what the world is looking for right now.

#3: Using resources better

Hiring an outside agency to do your marketing may seem like a big expense compared to using in-house teams, but it actually pays off significantly over time. The work of a digital marketing agency will help your business and revenue grow, thus paying for itself. But that’s not all – it also frees up your own employees to work on other projects. Overall, hiring a marketing agency is a better use of your resources.

People working in an office.
Expanding your marketing team allows you to put your employees on other projects.

#4: Developing your business

When you have someone else taking care of marketing, you are free to focus on other things. Instead of thinking about website updates and coming up with social media posts, you can work on improving other departments, restructuring, growing your business, and other things that only you are capable of handling.

#5: Advanced insights and measurable results

Digital marketing agencies can examine your current strategy, find and analyze the flaws within it, and come up with ways to improve it. Maybe your ads are placed well, but you could do with more social media relevance. Or maybe your social media accounts are gaining many followers, but your ads are not making you any money. It can be difficult for an untrained eye to see these things, but experts will have no problems figuring it out. Moreover, they can set measurable goals through key performance indicators (KPIs) so that your marketing strategies’ success (or failure) can be clearly measured, thus providing transparency and clarity.

#6: Gaining a reliable and helpful business partner with a fresh perspective

An outside agency will not have the same perceptions and ties to your business that you do. Instead, they will bring in a new perspective and ideas that you probably wouldn’t have ever thought of. This can be very helpful if your business is stuck in a rut at the moment. And even if the relationship doesn’t work out in the end, any time you pair up with another business is a good networking opportunity. Perhaps you can partner up on something in the future.

Employees discussing working with a digital marketing agency.

Discover new marketing strategies with the help of an objective, outside perspective.

Are there any downsides to working with a digital marketing agency?

Although hiring an agency is the easiest way to improve your digital marketing, it does have its drawbacks. These are often not enough to outweigh the benefits of working with a digital marketing agency, but you should be aware of them nonetheless. So take into account the fact that:

  • hiring experts is always an investment; while it’s likely to pay off in the long run, it will initially cost you more than using in-house teams or freelancers
  • marketing agencies have multiple clients; while a reliable agency will always be there for you, you have to understand that you can’t be prioritized over their other clients
  • outsiders don’t know your business as well as you do; it might take some time for a third party to get acquainted with your business, mission, values, and goals

Alternatives to working with a digital marketing agency

Working with a digital marketing agency is not your only option. If you own a small business and have the time, you can try promoting yourself online. You can also hire your digital marketing experts as your in-house marketing team, or you can train your existing marketing team to work in digital marketing. Finally, you can hire freelancers on a project-by-project basis instead of signing a contract with an agency. All of these alternatives are less expensive in the short run. However, they are also riskier and might not produce the same results that working with an agency would. So it is imperative to weigh your options carefully before making the final decision.

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