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Imagine you have a start-up or an established company with a limited budget. You have to calculate how to save money. The corporate architecture of your business is based on the values: sustainability, honesty, or uniqueness. What cut downs cross your mind? Personnel, Quality, Marketing?

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Let’s see how cutting down Marketing would play out in reality. Your product is good, you are producing in an eco-friendly way, only using natural products, nobody has ever introduced a product quite as yours to the market and you have nothing to hide from the public.

Still, the interest in your brand is low. You are missing retailers, your s
ales are at the lowest level and you are barely making profit. The pressuring question is: Why?

Step out of the office and do some market research. Show people pictures of your product or simply just tell them the brands name. Will they recognise it? Will they remember the message behind your company? Will they have heard about you?

Look around you. Do you see your brand anywhere? Stencils on the ground, billboards on the walls, advertisement in TV, posts in social media or leaflets on the street?
No? Because that’s Marketing!

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Maybe a solution to raise Brand Awareness would have been spreading the message. Nobody knows your logo because it hasn’t been placed anywhere in public. Nobody buys your product because they simply don’t know it exists.

That’s what Brand Awareness Marketing Agencies can do for you. They will raise the Brand Awareness and highlight the aspects of your company that will divide you from the market and create customer loyalty. We call it your Unique Position Feature. Marketing takes the strengths of your business, gives them a face, dresses them up and puts them on stage.

And don’t you worry about your budget. Experienced and fresh Brand Awareness Marketing Agencies like Love Creative Marketing know the best approaches to give you cost-effective marketing solutions. A Guerrilla Marketing Campaign for example creates buzz around your brand by presenting the public something they haven’t seen before. Or bring your product to the client and create a unique customer experience by implementing an Experiential Marketing Campaign. The effect of surprise, uniqueness and creativity makes people talk about your activity and therefor your brand. Posts on social media will raise the Brand Awareness and make your message go viral so you can see the return of your investments by increasing sales and profits immediately.

Marketing is the mother that will raise your company, keeps it healthy and help it grow up. It will teach you the necessary social abilities to increase the Brand Awareness and become a star.

An Article by Celine Janson.


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