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Can you keep a secret? Me neither usually, which is why I’m all the more impressed at how zip-lipped everyone has been about the Tatcha mystery giftthat will be offered at Sephora starting on May 15. I took a little peek at the early details myself, and while I can’t reveal exactly what little treat will sneak into your bag if you spend $35 at either or, I can tell you that it is totally worth it.

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Since Tatcha is one of the buzziest skin-care brands on the market right now, a favorite of the Duchess of Sussex herself, when it offers a mystery item, we pay attention. Instead of teasing you about how very cool and exciting this mystery gift is, let’s focus on what I can tell you about the promotion.

The mystery gift will be a sample size of a brand-new Tatcha product slated to launch online on May 18, but for a few magical days, the only way to get your hands on it will be to apply the code TATCHA at checkout to and orders that total $35 and over.

As I mentioned above, the mystery gifting will begin on May 15, and the promo will run until both sites are completely out of stock, so don’t wait around. Last time Tatcha offered bags of mystery products, everything sold out pretty quickly. In fact, your time would probably be best spent figuring out right now whichproducts you’ll snag to get you to the $35 minimum. And if your brain is going blank under the pressure, here are some of our favorite offerings from the brand, to get you off on the right track.

The Dewy Skin Cream

An open pot of Tatcha's The Dewy Skin Cream with lavender and gold packaging
Courtesy of Brand

One of Tatcha’s most hotly anticipated releases of late, The Dewy Skin Cream was formulated with Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic in mind. It’s a rich, emollient cream that uses Japanese rice bran, Okinawan algae, and ginseng to hydrate skin, leaving you with a healthy glow and the perfect base to help makeup glide on smoothly.

$68 (Shop Now)

The Silk Canvas

Tatcha's The Silk Canvas primer in a light shade and lavender packaging
Courtesy of brand

If you haven’t tried out this best-selling primer just yet, it probably hasn’t been for lack of trying. This little gem launched in May 2018 and swiftly sold out a whopping four times, so you’ll be lucky to find it still on the shelves. And it’s no wonder because this velvety priming balm is working triple duty, with silk extracts for blurring out the appearance of pores, a slew of botanicals to boost your skin’s protective barrier, and a trinity of Japanese superfoods to help smooth fine lines over time.

$52 (Shop Now)

Plum Blossom Silk Lipstick

Tatcha's Plum Blossom Silk Lipstick uncapped with gold and cream packaging and in a cool plummy pink color
Courtesy of brand

Even if you can’t justify adding to your brimming skin-care collection at the moment, there are still options. Like this lush, universally flattering lipstick, for example. It comes in a cool, plumb shade that’s perfect for spring, and its lustrous, satiny finish makes it versatile for both day and night.

$55 (Shop Now)

The Deep Cleanse

pCourtesy of brandp
Courtesy of brand

It might seem too good to be true that this oil-free cleanser is one of our 2018 Best of Beauty Award winners and just three dollars over the minimum purchase to qualify for the mystery gift, but don’t question it. Some things are just meant to work out perfectly. The Deep Cleanse is packed with fibers from the Japanese luffa fruit, a natural exfoliant, which gently polishes away oil and impurities, leaving your skin radiant and baby-soft without over-drying.

The Essence

pCourtesy of brandp
Courtesy of brand

And finally, if you’re in the mood to splurge, Tatcha’s plumping, skin-softening essence is the perfect opportunity. Like a true team player, the formula is designed to make the rest of your skin-care regimen work more effectively, with the Japanese ingredient trifecta of lightly fermented green tea, rice, and algae combining to boost overall radiance.

$95 (Shop Now)

To take advantage of this golden opportunity, swing on over to or now to snag your own mystery gift with purchase. Just make sure to use code TATCHA at checkout.

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